Finding that special someone is precious, but somehow the time between the moment you get engaged until you get married tends to be more stress and less magic. In most cases big weddings are expected, but the more you think about it, the more reasons you have to choose a more intimate affair such as eloping.

Though an elope wedding isn’t for everybody, there are a few reasons you should at least consider it.

Less stress, less drama

From the moment you get engaged, everyone, and I do mean everyone, gets engaged. Before you even get the chance to enjoy just being engaged, you are bombarded with questions such as: ‘When is the wedding?’, ‘Who will be the maid-of-honor?’ and the like.

And when the actual wedding planning starts, there are so many decisions to make, which would be fine except it is not just the two of you making them. And the wedding list seems endless.

However, if you choose to elope, only your opinions matter. Arranging the place and time won’t be an issue, and as for the wedding ceremony… it will be more like arranging a holiday.

Spend the money on yourself

Apart from the stress, the traditional concept of weddings also means spending a lot of money. Unless having a big wedding has always been your fantasy, you could think of many other ways to spend the money and many of which you would prefer. Perhaps a longer honeymoon or generally more travelling for you as a couple. Perhaps you can invest the money in your apartment. Some extra cash can help the happily ever after.

Thus, eloping can help you save money or redirect it into something you truly want. You have the one, so why do you have to spend so much because of it.

Find the perfect location

You can simply sign the papers and be done with it but a more attractive option is to elope to a particular destination. Do you want to visit the place you’ve never got the chance to or to go back to the spot you enjoyed before? You might want to combine your wedding and honeymoon into a combo and spend it rather as a holiday.

Make it personal

Less stress and less spending are great reasons for eloping but there is another reason and probably the most important one of all – eloping brings back the bride and her groom in focus. Wedding organization tends to make it all about the guests and little about the couple. More and more soon-to-wed couples are opting for elopement packages. This way everything, from the clothes you wear to where you choose to tie the knot, can be about your union, as individuals and as a couple.

You can always have a get-together afterwards

Though your wedding is a personal declaration of your mutual love, still many would like to share it with their friends and family. However, instead of a wedding reception, you can elope and afterwards organize a small, less formal get-together. Your loved ones will feel included but you won’t have to spend more than you would on a BBQ or a birthday party.

A more casual atmosphere will also allow everyone, including the couple, to enjoy themselves.

Don’t think of eloping as running away, rather try to see it as changing the perspective. The wedding ceremony should be a personal declaration of your mutual love, so by performing it on your own, you are making it about you.

Instead of wasting your money on stuff you just don’t care about, you can save it or spend it on something that matters most to you. Fixing your place, redesigning it or refurbishing it, or finding more time to travel will reconnect you better as a couple. But also saving your money can help you be prepared for those rainy days.

Your family and friends will come to understand as long as you still keep them in the loop. Share your love with the ones closest to you, without the drama of a grand wedding reception. A small party at your place will be much more personal and everyone will be at ease.

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