So, your dear friend is getting married and you are the chosen one to be her bridesmaid? Well, congratulations! Being the bridesmaid to your lovely girl and getting the chance to stand by her side when she walks to the altar is indeed a surreal experience, but in can easily go wrong by one immature act of yours and prove to be a disaster, if not for the wedding but for the bride at least.

Being a part of a wedding is a wonderful experience, not just for you but also for other bridesmaids. If you are a part of the hen do, you must be aware of all the implications that you might face. But you must always remember that these are the days that your bride to be will always remember all her life and just for this reason, you must keep everything aside and put in all your efforts to make these days the best days of her life. We bring to you a few suggestions that might help you to do the same with perfection.

Be there for her, for everything

Wedding preparations are one hell of a crazy ride. From buying the wedding gown, till deciding the guest list, to choosing between the lavender and lilies for the decorations, it is all too taxing for the bride. This is where you have to be with her. Stand beside her rock strong so that if she has a slight moment of weakness, she knows she can lean on you. Become the person in front of whom she can vent out all her fears and also sit down and decide her wedding dress. Be her best shopping buddy, help her choose her accessories, pamper her and do everything that will make her a little less nervous before the big day.

Make sure everything is about her and not you

Remember its is her wedding and her preparations, so she must be the all in all for all the arrangements. It is her opinion that matters the most and not yours. Even if you are not aligned on some particular issue, keep it to yourself. In the end what matters is what is making her happy. If by making a few adjustments you can give her what she wants, then be it. Respect her opinion. Everyone has a different taste and it might not always go well with you but if she wants blue to be the dress code for the evening, then be it. This is how she must have envisaged her wedding ever since she understood what it is to get married. Give her all of that. Help her to fulfil all her dreams. Your time will come later on and she will return back the favour, trust me.

Respond to the preparations

It is the last thing that a bride wants to do, reaching out to all her bridesmaids individually and making sure they are a part of all the preparations. It is your responsibility to be active during all the discussions on the WhatsApp group and give your inputs wherever required. Don’t be the one to read all the messages and not reply and then pretend not to be aware of anything. It is a big NO.

Cover up any arguments with others

It is true that whenever a bunch of girls sit down to decide, there always a confusion and disagreements. It might be possible that any such situation may lead to an argument. But it must never reach the bride. It is a matter of a few days and then everything will be a done and dusted affair! Never bitch about any fellow bridesmaid to the bride. She has much more stress to handle. Do not make it more difficult for her!

The little things that matter

You know what sort of a frenzy state your girl maybe in. So, it is your duty to get her relaxed a bit. Make sure you are present when she is doing the final preparations. Keep a checklist ready so that she has everything.  Remember she once talked about her favourite wedding songs. Make that playlist so she smiles on each of that song. From her heels to the lipstick, keep everything in your mind even if she forgets. Be her superwoman!

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