Instagram has rapidly outgrown its first impression of being just a fun photo-sharing app for youngsters only.

Today, it has graduated successfully to an effective audience-building, networking, and content marketing tool for both brands and individuals. It is certainly one of the most popular and hot favorite social media platforms with over 800 million active monthly users.

If you invest a lot of time to Instagram and follow the tips from social media experts, you could grow your Instagram account rather quickly. Here are some basic steps to effectively engage with your target audience, hence, acquire more and more followers thanks to services such as Social Noor.

Content Is Still the Undisputed King

You always need to be quite picky about the things you post on your fashion blog on Instagram. Ultimately, your aim is to make sure that your pictures would do the actual talking on your behalf.

When people are clicking on your feed, you know that they would be seeing only the first nine photos.

Unknown people would not be interested in following your fashion blog unless you post something truly fascinating and unique. There is no place for boring posts. Awesome pictures would be motivating more and more people to come back to your fashion blog for more interesting photos.

Be Original, Be Authentic

If you are an intellectual, or a witty guy or a humorous kind, you must let your intrinsic quality or charm show through your posts. You need to post content that is authentic so that more and more people are attracted to your fashion blog.

Engage with Other Fashion Bloggers

If you engage with other people in your niche, it would be an enriching experience. Instagram is a social networking platform and you must engage with like-minded people and soon you would find that you are surrounded by virtual friends galore.

You must essentially show your gratitude and appreciation toward those who have been following you in your fashion blogging journey. Without their support and encouragement, you would not be what you are today. Thank everyone who comments on your picture and you must devote some time in returning the favor.

Ax the Face

Chopping the head out of photographs would help them to be much well received on Instagram. This is simply because then people could be visualizing themselves in the outfits displayed. If you are aiming for a boost in followers and Likes, cutting off your head in pictures would be helping you gain more followers and likes.

You can buy real Instagram likes to boost your followers.

Include Price

It really pays to include the price of an outfit. If you wish to be a successful fashion & style blogger who is interested in selling the fashionable clothes and accessories you are demonstrating on your feeds, it could be helpful to you and to your followers if the price is mentioned.


Keep track of posts that really did well. You may identify the top 3 photos and consider trying to recreate the magic. You could design similar outfits and pictures for repeating your success. Most importantly, you must be nice to others in your fashion blogging journey. Do not be mean to go ahead of the competition. Instead be nice and win in the race of life.

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