Everyone familiar with the Internet knows how useful it is for all kinds of activities. You can utilize the Internet to communicate with family and friends, share data, play video games, stream music, and watch movies. The possibilities are endless with the Internet. With that said, somethings can be done online that most people are not even aware of. Find out what these things are by reading the full article provided below.

Test Your Typing Speed

Typing speed is extremely important for telemarketers, office workers, and freelancers. If you are working on your typing skills, you probably monitor your progress carefully. But, did you know that it is possible to test your typing speed online? Several websites offer typing speed testing services for free. You can utilize these services to see if you are making real progress.

Learn Body Language

Some experts specialize in body language. Believe it or not, law enforcement agencies and forensic services need body language experts. Whether you are interested in becoming a body language expert or just want to figure out if your partner is truthful, you are in luck. Several websites offer body language training courses. During these courses, you will learn the cues that point to truthfulness and deceptiveness.

Test Your IQ

Who doesn’t want to know their Intelligent Quotient (IQ) score? This number is extremely important because it says everything about your intelligence level. Do you know your IQ score? If not, you can find out by taking an online IQ test. The test is comprised of about 40 true and false questions that must be answered within a specific time period. The key to obtaining a high score is to answer the questions promptly one at a time and at the best of your ability. You can also play pokies online at Sbobet as well.

Send Emails Anonymously

Have you ever wanted to send an email anonymously? Well, you can because there are websites that offer this service for free of charge. The service protects your personal information while sending an email message to the person of your choice. This is a simple process that takes anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes to complete. Regardless of the message, your email address will not be revealed to the recipient. After the message is sent, the sender’s email address will disappear after a specified amount of time.

Create A Sharable Map

Maps are utilized to get from point A to point B. Some maps are extremely detailed while others are lacking in detail. Fortunately, there are several online map services that you can utilize for all of your commutes. But, did you know that you can create your map online? Well, you can and you won’t cost you a dime.

If you are planning a treasure hunt or other activity that involves maps, you can create the map from scratch. Several websites offer map-making services. If you just want to make a map for your website, you will find these services extremely helpful. And, once the map is complete, you can print and share it with others.

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