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Artificial Intelligence Has Now Pretty Much-Conquered Poker

Artificial intelligence had crossed a key landmark with flying colors when it won six players no limit Texas Holdem poker game. This was a great challenge to AI, as in the game of poker, players use bluff strategy, and cards are not disclosed. In other games the whole board is at view and assessment becomes easier.AI has shown its superiority in one to one games like chess and even in
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Spicing Up Your Long-Distance Relationship With Online Cams

Relationships are tough. Balancing them with professional careers and other obstacles makes them even tougher. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new budding relationship or you have been in one for the past 5 years, that relationship will be tested as some point. That being said, it is likely that it will be tested in a variety of ways. Maybe your mate is having a hard time
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How To Be Careful When Watching Porn Online

Whether you’re a man or woman, there is a good chance that you’re going to spend time watching porn online. This is natural and you shouldn’t feel bad about your actions. Just remember that there are risks associated with online porn websites. You need to go above and beyond to ensure that you’re going to be protected. If you don’t, you may end up downloading a virus or you may
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Online Gambling: A Pastime Whose Time Has Come

There is simply no getting around the fact that gambling is everywhere these days. Turn on the TV, hit up a website, or even check your e-mail, and you will more than likely see some kind of advertisement for sports betting or online gambling. This is just how providers compete with each other. Online providers can’t draw attention to themselves and attract new audiences if people don’t know that they
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Does Back Testing Help Win More Sports Bets

If you are like most people then there is a chance that you have regretting something that you did in the past. Heck, you probably even wish that you could go back and redo it. What if you could go back and change your current career path? Maybe have a second or third child. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and this is a theory that can be applied to sports betting
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A Look At Today’s Top Casino Bonuses!

There is simply no getting around the fact that online gambling is spreading like wildfire. Heck, it seems like every time you visit a website or open an email you are getting an advertisement from some online gambling provider, in particular, the bonuses. Well, it is the bonuses that these casinos use to attract new customers. Not only do they use them to attract new customers, but they use them to
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How Tech Progressed in 2019 and the Biggest Trends Seen

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, and predictions of technology trends have become impossible. As technology is evolving at such a fast rate, new technology is progressing at an exponential rate. Technology is playing a major role in every sphere of life, be it climate change or income inequality. Budding technology exhibit human innovation and offers a hint of a sustainable, comprehensive future for the human race and upcoming generation.
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Using Visa Cards To Fund Your Online Casino Accounts

If you are like most gamblers out there you probably already know that you have a variety of online payment options available to you. Heck, with the technology available today, you can even opt to fund your casino accounts with cryptocurrency. This is something that many individuals are doing, but at the end of the day, it really is the Visa cards that are still the most reliable method. The
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Why Do Young Adults Gamble Online?

During the past few years, the demographics regarding online gamblers has changed a lot. In the early days, most gamblers were older individuals. This has changed. Now, it is common for everyone to gamble and this includes young adults. These individuals are getting involved in these games more often than not. Young adults have found many reasons to begin gambling online. It is easy to see why. Within this guide,