keep your eyelash look glamorous

Eye makeup is one of those subtle ways through which you can look good without being too extra. Perfect eye makeup with blended eye shadows and lush eyelashes can make you look great. Now proper eyelash application and use are essential to get that glam look you want. There are tricks, such as eyelash extensions near me, to using eyelashes and look awesome! Here are some tips to keep your eyelash look glamorous and sexy.

Perm and curling – As a starting point you could curl your eyelashes and then add mascara. But this also has a technique and it goes like this – first swipe of mascara then curling and then another dash of mascara. Or try putting the curler under hot water to heat it, so that the shape stays. Curling the eyelash is attested way of making them look longer and the eyes more open. Squeeze the lashes with the curler gently and go for a natural look. An eyelash perm is also known as a lash lift is a good way to make your eyes look super glam without going through the rigors of a makeup routine. This way you don’t have to go for curling every time. The perming process has the technician combing the lashes against a silicone mold and applying the treatment. Shields are used for the skin and lower lashes for protection.

Priming and conditioning–You may be using a primer before foundation so you can try using a primer for eyelashes as well. A good primer can volumize and lengthen the lash, while making the mascara application smoother. The mascara can last longer as well. Conditioning lashes can give similar results to conditioning hair. Hydrate and fortify so that the eyelashes look good.

Eyelash extensions – Eyelash extensions can give you natural look while making the lashes luscious and long. The technician will use an eyelash extension glue to attach the lashes to your eyes. Your eyes will remain closed during this time so you don’t have to worry about anything going into them. These extensions will remain on for a long time and will fall off in time as your lashes shed naturally.

Tints and colors – Tinting is a way to darken your natural eyelashes. This process is beneficial for people with red or pale blonde hair. A semi-permanent dye is used on the lashes. The dye takes 15 minutes to set and you have jet black or darker lashes. You could get the lashes redone each month to maintain the look. Experiment with different mascara shades to enhance your glam look. The right color may be what you need to stand out.

Serum and formula – If you want naturally long and a voluminous lash, a serum is a good way to go about it. There are growth serums in the market which you can discuss with your healthcare provider. Check the formula in your mascara as different types may offer different results. There are lengthening formulas, volumizing formulas and waterproof ones as well.

There are different ways to keep your eyelash look glamorous and your choice depends on various factors. They could be a need for organic products, ease of use or the longevity of the look.


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