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It is becoming increasingly difficult to find employees who are motivated, talented and exceed performance expectations. What is even tougher is to retain them in your organization as it is very easy for them to find positions in other organizations.

Employee engagement should be one of your top most goals if you are into health care. Not only will this help you maximize the productivity of your employees, it will also reduce staff turnover and retain customers for longer.

Here are a few strategies that you can try out:

Make Employee Engagement the Core Strategy of Your Hospital

Employee engagement impacts the success of your hospital directly. You need to make this a part of your overall strategy and not just a task that you would want to assign to your human resources department. In a service-oriented field like healthcare where everything depends on patient care, engagement becomes critical. 

Get Your Senior Leaders to Commit Their Support to Engagement

A commitment from your senior leaders to support engagement can do miracles to your bottom line. It is important that your senior leadership team takes employee engagement seriously and makes it top priority. With the unfailing support of your employees it becomes easier to achieve your strategic goals, mission, and vision. 

Hold Managers Accountable for Engagement

Since the managers are usually directly connected to the employees, it makes sense to hold them accountable for improving the scores of employee engagement. They will be able to recognize the deficiencies and come up with an action plan to address them. In case the results don’t improve, they will be able to make the necessary changes in staffing through medical staffing solutions.

Focus on Providing Training

Providing proper training is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement. You should also hold workshops for seniors to improve their supervising skills and help them recognize the deficiencies in employee performance. Have them interact with employees, develop action plans for maximizing their efficiency, and track down their progress.

Share best practices

As hospital leaders it is very important for you to share the best practices of improving employee engagement. Hold workshops to provide a platform where your managers can share their best practices. Have them speak about the significant improvements they have experienced and answer questions about their successes. Finally, employee engagement is a collective effort of leaders and employees.

Focus on improving employee relationships with their supervisors

The relationship between the supervisors and employees matter a lot when it comes to employee engagement. You may have to train your supervisors to interact and support employees. Ask them to be receptive to the suggestions given by the staff members and make them understand their role in achieving the organizational goals, mission, and vision.

You can find a lot such strategies to keep your employees engaged and improve their efficiency. However, you will have to prioritize your employee satisfaction and focus on valuing your employees. After all, it is happy employees that lead to satisfied customers.

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