Google and Facebook ads are one of the best ways to make sure customers see your products. However, they’re challenging to master, especially without advice from a professional. E-commerce specialist Zishan Manji is an expert in optimizing these ads and loves helping people learn more about building their business.

Zishan Manji is an entrepreneur who runs five Shopify stores, an Amazon wholesale store, and his own personal brand. He’s made enough money to retire his dad, buy both their dream cars, and employ a team of 20. Manji runs a course to help people expand their e-commerce businesses from the ground up, backed by hundreds of testimonials from former students who are now working in the industry. Here are his top 3 tips for maximizing the effectiveness of ad campaigns on Google and Facebook.

“First, you should rotate your ads regularly,” Manji said. “After potential customers see the same ad about four times, they’re sick of it and are less likely to pay attention to it.” You can combat this by creating ad variation and setting up an ad campaign on Facebook with multiple ad sets. This ensures that customers see a new ad every time and learn more about your business.

One of his best tips for Google ads is to test your landing page design regularly. “You can split-test landing pages to determine which one gets more conversions,” he said. “This will get you new business while also letting you test the best design for your landing page or website.”

Lastly, always make sure you know your advertising goals. This dictates what you select when creating the ads. “If you have no goal in mind, you won’t get any results,” said Manji. “Figure out what you want to focus on and sell it. Don’t try to advertise all of your products at once.”

Zishan Manji offers many more tips for advertising in his course. He teaches students about product fulfillment and sourcing, business setup, and tips to build a high-value branded store. “It’s a treasure chest of information for people who want to dive headfirst into e-commerce,” he said. 

Advertising is one of the cornerstones of any business. Anyone armed with the proper information like they could receive from Manji can succeed in the e-commerce space, with a little enthusiasm and a lot of hard work.

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