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7 Investments that Elevate your Personal Brand


July 27, 2020

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No matter the time of year, now is always a great time to recalibrate and focus on self-care and the finer, richer, things of life. When it comes to making changes to your personal brand, you want to make sure that you’re opting to make investments that elevate your mood and make you feel like a more genuine you. Whether you start with one small change or finally go after a big change you’ve always had in mind, starting to do things that make you happy are important! If you aren’t sure what investments to make in yourself this year, consider anything on this list a good starting point!

1. Travel

Discovering and exploring new places invites unique and unexpected experiences and expands your worldview. All facets of traveling are good experiences to have–from planning your route to navigating new spaces and cultures. Seeing these new things, learning about new places and being able to discuss your experiences with others widens your mind and breeds creativity and new ideas. Even if you don’t have the budget to travel far, road trips within your own country or state can be just as adventurous as exploring abroad!

2. Plants

Filling your home with houseplants doesn’t only look good – it can also have a myriad of benefits on your health and outlook to make you feel good as well! Surrounding yourself with indoor houseplants enhances the quality of the air you breathe, reduces stress, increases productivity and gives you something to take care of. On top of the physical benefits of having houseplants, being around nature has been shown to make us more altruistic, so if you bring it into your own house, it can make your personal brand a little lighter and calmer.

3. Shapewear

When it comes to dressing your best, it isn’t all about wearing every trend that pops up each season. In order to truly dress your best, you have to wear clothes that fit and make you feel good! One key to ensuring the clothes you love fit and look their best is by adding a layer of everyday shapewear underneath, such as that from SKIMS. Shapewear isn’t only for special occasions either–it will make all types of clothes fit without creases, lines or bunching while accentuating your curves. Ultimately, this addition will make your clothes fit like they were built for your body, leaving you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

4. Cooking classes

People have bonded over food for centuries, and having the ability to provide the food that your loved ones gather around is a rewarding experience. If you want this but aren’t an expert chef, signing up for cooking classes can open the door to a world of possibilities. If you’d prefer to learn more about cooking from home, consider trying a meal delivery kit, such as Home Chef, which sends you pre-portioned ingredients and instructions so you can experiment and try new cooking techniques from the private comfort of home.

5. Skincare

Far too often, we head to bed without giving our skin the proper care it deserves, or using the wrong products that are actually damaging us more than helping. However, spending a little time and care on your skin health can be one of the ultimate forms of self-care; not only are you caring for your physical self, but the process of cleansing and moisturizing can be highly therapeutic as well. Upgrade your skincare to cleansers with antioxidants, like those from Tula, to make your skin clear, glowing and hydrated! When you have clear and clean skin, your confidence will grow and make you a happier and healthier person!

6. Gym membership

It’s no secret that when we look good, we feel good, and investing in a gym membership is a great way to get there! Whether you join a gym that specializes in yoga, lifting weights, cycling or has a mix of all sorts of exercise, moving your body in any way will release endorphins and improve your mood. If you are new to working out and not sure what you’ll enjoy, consider giving different programs a test run through a service like ClassPass. The benefits from any type of exercise, such as decreased depression and anxiety, and improved self-image and mood will make you feel and act like your best self.

7. Side hustle

While starting your own side hustle can seem daunting, it can also be very rewarding financially and emotionally. If you have a hobby that you’ve always dreamed of sharing with others, starting an etsy shop or turning that into a small business could shift the trajectory of your whole life! Even if you don’t plan to turn it into your main form of income, investing in a side project for yourself will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, joy and potentially open new doors to fresh opportunities and friendships with those who share the same interests as you!


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