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5 Reasons why Fathers are called as the Pillar of the Family

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The world takes a special day to honour and appreciate fathers, but in truth, you need more than just one day to remember your dad. All the sacrifices and guidance provided by him are no match to anything in this world. He is the pillar of the family – of strength, discipline and support. The father has a large contribution in a child’s developing years and brings support to the family. He always stands behind you and his expert counsel is always there to guide you. Here are 5 reasons fathers are the pillar of a family.

Emotional development

Fathers play an important role in a child’s emotional well-being. They lay down and enforce rules and children look up to them for that. Fathers provide feelings of security – physical and emotional. While the child will want to make the father proud because of the importance he has in the kid’s mind. A father who is involved will promote inner growth and strength. Supportive and affectionate fathers can affect the children’s social and cognitive development.

Guardian and family man

Good fathers are often involved family men. He will help in balancing work and career to be there for family when needed. He will show his love and let his family know that he is there for them. He is also a guardian who ensures that the right morals and values are instilled in his children. His children will be respectful and will also be respected by others. They also teach their children how courage can be used in times of adversity or how not to compromise values and beliefs to please others. They are the protectors behind strong and confident children.

Acceptance and appreciation

Any parenting blog will point that a good father shows acceptance and appreciation. He accepts his kids the way they are. A father knows well that every kid will be different and he still loves them. He will have his expectations right, and won’t expect his children to have the same life as him, doing the same work. He will listen to his children and make time to patiently talk to them. A father also respects his children’s beliefs and values as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. They also teach their children how to appreciate things and not take things for granted. He ensures that he shows the value to them so that they understand and are equipped for the world.

Support with discipline

The father does love his children but as a parent he also needs to discipline them. He will have to show tough love at times and won’t reward them for wrong actions. However, with tough love, he is also open minded and will support his children no matter what. It may not be financially always, but emotionally he will stand by them just like the pillar of the family. He supports all the kid’s decisions no matter what they are, unless it is harmful to others.

Leading by example

In order to create well-rounded and polite members of the society, a good father may also impart lessons to his kids. Etiquette, honesty and thankfulness are some things that fathers teach their offspring so they can have good lives. He will lead by example instead of lecturing his children on one thing and then doing something else himself. Children are quite perceptive and will understand what the adult is doing.

Fathers play a major role in a child’s life. He will challenge his kids and also show unconditional love at the same time. He will be loyal while spending quality time with his children. These are the very important reasons why a father is a pillar of the family.

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