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Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Cart
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7 Reasons Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Cart

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The owner of every e-commerce store understands the cart abandonment issue, which occurs because something about the checkout process has turned off the user interest. Here are 7 common reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts.

1. Having to Create an Account:

The most common reason people abandon carts is when they are asked to create an account. This happens because when the customer checks out, they prefer to finish the process with the least number of clicks. Creating an account is a time-consuming task, and email verification will also need them to change windows. So, ditch the account creation step and give them the option where they can provide their email and address for shipping the product. 

2. Unexpected Shipping Costs:

No customer likes to pay more than the product costs, and if there is a shipping price that pops up on the payment page, they will find it sneaky and may abandon the cart. Avoid adding shipping charges and if you do need to add that, make sure to mention it upfront on the product page. Being transparent may make the customer comfortable with the purchase.

4. Poor User Experience:

People are impatient when it comes to using the internet and they wish to process things as quick as possible, which is why any page that loads slowly has a higher bounce rate. If the checkout process of your product is too long, then the customer may become impatient and abandon the cart. The lesser number of clicks possible, the better chances are that customers will finish the process. Also, make things easy for them so they have to click or type the least and make a purchase.

5. Unimpressive Brand Image:

Most customers like to do research about the brand they are investing in. If your branding is not done the right way, they may get discouraged to engage with your company. Create the right branding value with the help of video production service Dubai so that the customers are convinced that they are making the right decision.

6. Security Concerns About Payment Methods:

Customers might love your product and ready to purchase it, but if they do not trust your site with the payment information, then they are just going to abandon the cart. You know that your site is safe, but you have to portray the same to your customer by including security badges and provide trusted e-wallet payment options so that customers believe it is secure to make a payment on the site.

7. Poor Return Policy:

People buy online with the thought process that if they do not like the product, they can return it always. Remember, they are unable to physically view the products, hence they are making a decision of purchasing products online by partially trusting the brand and convincing themselves that they can return it if it does not satisfy them with the product they receive. If they do not see such flexible policies, they may not buy the product. If you cannot offer a return for the product, at least add a replace option to make things fair for the customer.

As there are several e-commerce sites that have popped up recently, you are competing with those many other websites. Keeps things as user friendly as possible if you are keen about your customers to finish the checkout process each time they shop at your site.

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