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7 Secrets to Make Any Room Look Luxe
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7 Secrets to Make Any Room Look Luxe

Would you like to add some luxe to your apartment but aren’t sure where to start? 

The good news is there are many ways you can add luxurious pieces to your interiors. Before you go out and get a bunch of fancy new decorations, we recommend starting small.

Slowly incorporate more and more decor. Doing things over time will help you figure out what type of luxe elements you like the most. 

Subtle changes, like adding a chandelier or lavish pillow, can make a huge impact. 

To transform your apartment, we’ll share seven secrets that’ll help you get the luxurious home of your dreams. 

1. Add a Touch of Sparkle 

Pretty lighting pieces can make a big difference in a deluxe apartment. 

Opt for a bold piece of lighting such as a pendant or chandelier. 

A pendant or chandelier looks stunning in a dining room area or bedroom. This type of lighting will add a luxe look and feel to your apartment. 

Another idea is to add a light flush mount on a wall near your living room. Many different kinds of mounts would stand out on a wall. 

For example, a flush mount with openings and crystal accents would be beautiful. A mount with pretty accents will add the perfect amount of sparkle! 

A shining accent piece with a nearby gallery of modern artwork will fit well in a sophisticated space. The flush mount will no doubt cast a warm glow in the room. 

2. Grab Some Fresh Flowers 

Getting some fresh flowers is an easy way to make your apartment more stylish. 

Flowers are not only uplifting, but they add elegance and fresh scent to a place. Find some that match the rest of your decor so the colors will seamlessly blend. 

Or, if you’re looking for something bolder, get some bright roses to brighten up your apartment. 

Be selective about what type of vase you select for the flowers. Look for a vase that suits a luxurious room. 

For example, a luxe glass vase in grey will stand out and add to an elegant space. But it’s essential to put it in a spot where no one breaks it! 

If you don’t like replacing fresh flowers, you could get a few potted plants to spruce up your interiors instead.

3. Bring in More Color 

Are all your apartment walls in neutral shades? 

If they are, that’s okay, because you can glam them up a bit with a pop of color!

Color can come in forms of wall decor or simple elements such as pillows. 

Get a few decorative pillows in fun and abstract design. Colorful tufted velvet pillows would also look incredible! 

To add some color to your walls, here are a few fun elements. 

Hang wall art pieces like these to make your apartment more stylish:

  • Colorblock wall art 
  • Water Agate Fashion Wall Clock
  • Abstract and geometric wood wall art 
  • Colorful art print with vertical lines
  • Colorful canvas 3-panel wall art

Adding splashes of color here and there will upgrade your space. You’ll get closer to creating the elegant look you desire!

4. Put Visual Interest on Surfaces 

Have you thought about making the surfaces in your apartment more stylish? 

Adding visual interest to the surfaces, such as on a bar cart or bookshelf, will make everything stand out.

A boat tray and filler is another element that would blend in well with a modern vase full of flowers. 

Or, you could add a decorative bowl and pair it with a pop crystal object. 

Mix different patterns, shapes, and textures on different surfaces. Having an assortment of decorations will result in a lush and modern interior.

5. Select Lavish Mirrors 

When you think of a mirror, you can’t help but think of elegance and beauty. 

This decorative element is functional since you can use it to check an outfit. And, mirrors are also attractive elements that will add luxury to any space. 

Mirrors have other benefits as well, besides their functional and stunning features. 

A mirror can make a room look larger if you angle it toward a focal point. Doing this will give the illusion of depth. Mirrors also reflect natural light, which makes a room warm and inviting. 

If you want them to stand out more, look for ones that come with unique features. One example is a beveled wall mirror

Incorporating a few mirrors in your interiors will make the rooms look polished. 

6. Throw Down Area Rugs 

As long as they blend in with the rest of the decorations, area rugs can brighten a space. 

Try adding a few larger rugs throughout your apartments, such as in your living room and bedroom.

To keep things sophisticated, select rugs with a simple design and color. 

Large area rugs under a sofa and footstool result in a cozy and inviting space. Put a large rug with neutral colors on the floor so that it’ll complement the nearby decor.

7.   Pipe in Pleasing Scents 

Nothing says welcome more than a nice smelling candle or an oil diffuser. 

A luxe home that smells nice will win guests over and make you feel happy too.

Don’t overwhelm your apartment with too many different scents, though. Otherwise, no one will feel relaxed and that defeats the purpose!

In Conclusion

Are you feeling good and ready to dress up your apartment with luxurious decorations? 

Creating a luxe home should be a lot of fun, and, of course, you can find plenty of inspiration online!

Hunt around on your favorite modern decor websites. Try to look for pieces that will blend in well with the other elements you already have. 

Putting together a stylish space doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch! Be thoughtful about what will look best in each room. 

You don’t want to flood your apartment with too many decorations, or it’ll look overcrowded.

Enjoy setting up a sophisticated apartment — it’s going to look amazing!

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Harvest at Fiddyment Ranch a place everyone loves to call home.


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