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7 Sex Toys to Spice Things Up (for Married Couples Too!)

If you’re in a relationship and want to take things up a notch behind closed doors, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes using a sex toy can reignite lost passion, show your partner you’re open to exploring, and even make things more fun for both of you. The thing is, there are a million different kinds of toys out there and deciding which ones to introduce to your sex life can be overwhelming.

Check out this roundup of the best kinds of sex toys that anyone can use in their relationship whether it’s brand new or withstanding the test of time.

1. Finger Vibe

A finger vibe is the perfect little toy that’s easy to use. Just slip it on your finger (or your partner’s) and add some much-needed external stimulation. 36% of women claim that clitoral stimulation is needed for an orgasm during sex.

And since orgasms are an important part of the sexual experience, use this tiny toy and its power to make those orgasms multiply.

2. Cock Ring

Does your partner want to remain ready to go for longer? If so, a cock ring is the perfect sex toy to try. Worn at the base of the penis, a cock ring restricts blood flow allowing your male partner to have a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

3. Plug

No matter you gender, orientation, or body type, a plug will work for you, your partner, or both. Find the size that’s just right for you, work your way up to bigger and better, and even consider wearing matching plugs together before fun time begins to boost excitement. Adding to that, if the thought of double penetration excites you, but you don’t want to invite a third person into your bedroom or try swinging, the right plug can do the trick.

4. Riding Crop

If you and your partner are into impact play, which involves activities like spanking and flogging, a riding crop is the best toy to start with. They are very safe to use, are low risk when it comes to injury, and can give you a chance to openly play out your submission/domination roles without fear.

5. Wedge

Forget floppy pillows shoved underneath you, rug burns from the floor, or cramped positions up against living room furniture. Use a wedge instead to make all your favorite sexual position feel better than ever. This “sex toy” is one of the best around if you penetration from behind is a position you and your partner enjoy.

6. Sex Doll

Speaking of inviting a third person into your bedroom soirees, if the thought of a threesome is exciting to you and your partner, but the thought of an actual third person is not, try entertaining the idea of a luxury sex doll. Full size, life-like sex dolls, like the ones found on SexDoll.com, are made to give you a realistic experience that you and your partner can enjoy.

Choose from a variety of looks so both you and your partner are turned on and fulfill a common fantasy that many people have, without the emotional attachment a true threesome brings.

7. Massage Candle

The last thing anyone wants to do is experiment with pouring hot wax on their partner and burn them. Talk about a mood killer. That’s why investing in a specialized massage candle is your best bet if hot wax play is on your radar. The oil burns at a lower temperature than traditional candle wax so you can pour or brush it on your partner without hurting them.

And there you have it! A wide variety of sex toys that any partnership can introduce into the bedroom to spice things up. Your sex life doesn’t have to be boring. With an open mind, and a lot of communication, your sex life can be out of this world.

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