make graduation truly feel like a celebration

Graduation is one of the most-awaited and anticipated moments of our lives.  It is the day we finally enter the workforce and become an adult. When you graduate, you will feel a lot of emotions. You will be happy as you are joining the organizational ladder, and you will be meeting new people and move to a new city. Graduating means having a different kind of independence, but you also feel anxious, overwhelmed, and sad.

It is because you will be leaving the comfort of your college, city, and campus, and most importantly, your friends and family. Even if you are not moving, your friends might, and getting a job means having less time to meet and hang out with your friends. Also, stepping into the real world can make a lot of people nervous. When you are about to graduate in a day or so, battling these emotions is normal.

But at least distract yourself for a day, and enjoy your graduation because it is a day to celebrate and have fun. So, in this blog, we will learn some tips that will help you relax and enjoy your graduation.

Tip 1: Sleep well

Before a big event comes up, everyone tells us to have a good night’s sleep. And it is logical too, when we sleep calmly without thinking about the big event and getting nervous, we feel relaxed and organized on the day of the event.

So, sleep well on the eve of your graduation day as it will help you feel fresh and calm. To feel relaxed and sleep well, you can do meditation and make sure that you have done everything to make your graduation day a happy occasion like trying on the gown before and so on.

Tip 2: Clean up nicely

Yes, you are going to wear your graduation gown and cap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look nice? You can remove the gown later once the ceremony is over and click pictures and go out for a drink, you deserve that now.

So, choose your best dress, put some make-up on, wear your best tux and go and enjoy your day.

Tip 3: Book tickets for a vacation soon after the ceremony

Don’t wait to work for a few years and then go on a trip with your friends or family. No one knows the future, and it can be quite busy. So, when you have graduated, gift yourself a vacation. It can be a solo trip or a trip with friends and family. But if you can, do take a trip and enjoy some days of relaxation before you join the corporate world.

Here are some more tips:

  • Make sure that you leave for the vacation right after graduation. That way, if you have to start a job, you can make sure you delay the joining date a bit longer.
  • Work with a travel agent to find the best places and things to do on your vacation.
  • If you can’t go on a long trip, go for the weekend to a place nearby you haven’t gone before.

Tip 4: Make a photo book

Leaving a place you called home for years can be difficult, especially when you had great times and met amazing people. So, make a photo book using online tools like Canva and get it signed by everyone. You can even ask them to write a line or two.

Tip 5: Bring family members to the ceremony

You graduating is also a big day for your family. So, make sure you bring everyone that you hold dear and also bring tissues for them. Your family is probably going to cry when they see on the stage of getting a diploma.

Tip 6: Don’t forget to bring a camera

It is a big day and you want to capture every moment of this glorious celebration. So, bring a camera and make sure it has enough batteries.

Tip 7: Throw a party

You can also throw an intimate graduation party for your friends and family. Have games, reminisce about college, talk, and drink, eat and take lots of pictures. Invite your whole class if you can because you don’t know if you will meet them again. Also, wish your friends happy graduation day.

Don’t stress about the future on your graduation day. Just enjoy the moment and take trips or party your heart out.

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