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Common Living Room Design Mistakes
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8 Most Common Living Room Design Mistakes

Are you looking to update your living room by yourself? Refrain from doing these 10 most common living room design mistakes that you will regret.

  1. Selecting the Wrong Sofa:

The biggest piece of furniture in a living room is the sofa hence if that is not right, replace it immediately instead of trying to work around it as it will not really help to design an exquisite living room

  1. The Wrong Coffee Table:

The choice is a coffee table should depend on many factors like the sofa material, the space in the room and its functional use. There are multiple options available in the market such as kid-friendly, the one with extra storage. You also have to consider the height of the coffee table based on the couch height, hence analyze all these factors before purchasing one.

  1. Trying to Recreate the Showroom Look:

If you are trying to recreate a look that you saw in a catalog then you have got it all wrong as the living room should be designed based on your taste and personality rather than copying a showroom look or else you will just not get the homely feel.

  1. Buying a Small Rug:

If the rug you choose is poorly sized and too small for the room, it can just ruin the look of the room. Though large rugs are expensive, it is an important aspect to make the room look appealing. Measure the size of the room, which will help you choose the right-sized rug.

  1. Ignoring to Mix Periods and Styles:

The entire decor should not be based on one period or style as styles come and go out of fashion. The modern way of renovation is adding different periods and styles to add elegance to the room. You can add an antique Moroccan rug or a contemporary fireplace to heat the room using wood pellets which will also conserve energy. This method will make your living room look timeless.

  1. Not Measuring Room Space:

You cannot just assume that a piece of furniture will fit in the space if you do not use a measuring tape hence measure the entire room and plan to buy furniture based on the space available as that you do not end up with oversized furniture.

  1. Curtains Poorly Hung:

Hanging the curtain rod just above the window will make the room space feel closed, hence hang it at least more than half a foot above the window frame so that the room feels open.

  1. Adding Harsh Lighting:

Updating the lighting is essential as too bright light will not make the living room a comfortable place to relax, but too little light will make it dim hence add sufficient lighting options to suit your different moods when you use the room.

The Bottom Line- Do Not Forget Clutter: 

In the end, you can get an exquisite piece of art or furniture, but your living room will not look good unless you get rid of the clutter, hence make sure to clean any unwanted items so that your living room looks classy and timeless.

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