As a busy cat parent, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to keep your fur baby entertained and stimulated, especially if they’re an indoor cat. Along with providing sufficient playtime, feeding and maintenance can be just as time-consuming!

Cat’s are highly engaged creatures with an appetite for stimulation and play. Without the right attention, your kitty could become restless or agitated.

Although we love to spend quality time with our kitties, our busy schedules do not always allow that. Luckily, there are many cool cat products available that will enhance your feline’s happiness and wellbeing and make life simpler for you too!

 We’ve gone ahead and scoured the market to find the very best new cat products to help ring in the new year for 2021. Check it out!

1) Interactive Treat Maze

One of the most top-rated toys for cats, this interactive treat maze is much more than a game. It tests the kitty’s abilities to retain patterns and stimulates them mentally. It then rewards them with a treat should they crack the puzzle and complete the maze!

The game triggers your cat’s natural instincts as they explore, scratch, and retrieve hidden rewards. There are also various difficulty levels, so your fur baby will push their boundaries as they continue to learn and improve.

2) Automatic Laser Toy

If you’re looking for a cool cat gadget to keep your cat entertained for hours, this automatic laser toy is exactly what you need. All felines are obsessed with lasers and never seem to tire of chasing them. However, this small high-tech device takes the traditional laser pointing game to the next level.

The spinning tower head projects the laser beam in a 360-degree rotation so your kitty can chase after it, getting physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. There are also multiple speed settings (slow, fast, and random) to keep your kitty on their toes!

3) Cat Exercise Wheel

Just like a hamster wheel, a kitty exercise wheel will help your cat stay active and healthy without leaving the house. It is brilliant for both young kitties with bundles of energy to burn and older, overweight cats who need a little more activity throughout the day.

Some curious kitties take to an exercise wheel straight away. Other cats who are perhaps more sedentary may need an incentive such as receiving treats to motivate them (not too many though!). Either way, a cat exercise wheel provides a safe and fun indoor activity for your fur baby.

4) Play Circuit

The play circuit is another of our favorite cat toys. It will please a solo kitty but is also big enough for two felines to enjoy together.

The course consists of a track with a ball inside that rolls around. This simple design will satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts as they chase the ball around the track to catch it.

What we like about this game is the many cutout points on the trail. This lets your kitty reach and touch the ball but not remove it.

5) Smart Food Dispenser

An automatic feeder is a must-have cat product for any busy cat owner. A smart food dispenser allows you to schedule feedings for your feline and set the portion size as desired. So, if you’re working long hours at the office or are away for the weekend, an automatic feeder will ensure your fur baby does not go hungry.

The newest automatic feeders feature an HD camera, so you visually check that your precious kitty is eating their food. Moreover, you can get smart food dispensers that split the food into two separate bowls, like the HoneyGuaridan cat feeder.

This is perfect if you have two felines sharing the dispenser as it ensures both kitties get an equal distribution and stops one cat from dominating the other. 

6) Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Dispenser

This is one new cat product that will enhance your life as much as it does your cat’s. Automatic litter boxes automatically remove your cat’s waste after each use and thoroughly clean the litter bed to keep your cat’s bathroom space as hygienic as can be.

The fresh bed of litter your kitty finds on each visit will not only improve their wellbeing but help to ease up on your daily scooping routine. In 2021, self-cleaning litter boxes have advanced significantly. Many newer models such as the ChillX AutoEgg operate silently and track your fur baby’s visits to monitor their health data using a touch screen!

7) Cat Hammock

Felines love to laze around and take it easy as much as we humans do. Therefore, a specially made cat hammock is guaranteed to be a hit with your sleepy kitty. Moreover, if your cat dislikes traditional cat beds, this unique sleeping product might be just what they’re looking for.

The soft, plush hammock bed hangs from a wooden frame durable enough to hold cats of all sizes (and even small dogs). The setup lets your kitty peacefully slip off into dreamland as they gently sway side to side.

8) Activity Tracker

A fitness tracker for a cat, is that really a thing? Yes, it is, and it is one of the coolest new pet gadgets of 2021! At first glance, you will probably think a cat FitBit is a totally unnecessary product. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how helpful a pet activity tracker can be.

An activity tracker fits onto your fur baby’s collar to monitor their sleep and activity levels. The smart device then uses this data to ensure your kitty is healthy and active. It will pick up on the first signs of illness, such as fatigue and increased sleep. If your cat seems to be sleeping more than usual, the tracker will alert you so you can keep a watchful eye.


The new year is an ideal time to upgrade your home with cool new gadgets. Whether it’s significantly reducing your pet’s maintenance time with an automatic litter box or giving your kitty a fun way to work out with an exercise wheel, there is something for every cat owner on this list.

Which new cat product will you choose this new year?

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