To be able to get the most out of your air-conditioning (AC) unit, it is of the utmost importance to regularly clean and sterilized your AC unit. It needs regular maintenance and upkeep to function efficiently and effectively.

Though there are lots of important components to an AC system; however, the condenser coils is probably the most important. Condenser coils are very sensitive parts, so they need to be properly managed and handled to keep their cooling power.

With regular and consistent maintenance, well-kept air-conditioning condenser coils, along with the filters and fins, will certainly help preserve high-quality indoor air and potentially minimize electric bills. For a little help, listed below are nine steps to keep your AC unit function smoothly.

Pull The Plug Out

Of course, you can purchase an all-new air-conditioning unit in many online stores such as GStore, if you ever feel like cleaning your AC unit is horrible and if you have plenty of money. But if that is not the case, the first thing that you need to do to keep your AC unit run smoothly is to shut off the power.

Because of the risks of working around electricity and the AC’s shifting parts, it is very important to shut off the power of the air-conditioning unit entirely. Find the shut-off box close to the unit or on the outer part of the compressor. Turn the switch off,  and if you are not sure if that is the right plug, then shut off the power at the central electrical panel.

Get Rid Of The Debris

After shutting off the power, you should get rid of the remains or debris. As such, you need to pull out the fan cage. By utilizing a wrench or a screwdriver, take out the fasteners and hold the fan grill or the cage away from the AC unit. By dry vacuuming or by hand, make sure that you clean or remove the debris from the inner part of the AC unit.

Wash The Fins

When you finished removing the debris, you need to take out the outer covers of the air-conditioning unit. You can utilize a brush or a vacuum to remove or get rid of all the dirt completely.

Then, utilizing a mild and calm stream of water from a hose, wash the fins from the inner surface up to the outer surface to take out any dirt between them. Remember not to use pressure or power washer because the pressure can potentially harm the fins. Utilize a cleaning spray that is commercially available, if the fins are specifically dirty.

Uncoil The Fins

Considering that any contraction in the movement of the air through the fins can lessen its effectiveness and performance, make sure to straighten the fins after cleaning them. Use a butter knife or any tool for straightening. To not damage or harm the fins, gently straighten them.

Clear The Space Around The AC Unit

Once done with the washing and cleaning, you can now return the fan cage. Scrape the leaves and litters outside the air-conditioner’s condenser, and trim down branches near the AC unit to guarantee the right airflow.

Furthermore, during the colder months or when you do not use the air-conditioning unit, it is best to enclose the upper part of the unit with a piece of plastic or plywood. As such, the debris will not fall directly onto the unit.

But do not fully cover the side parts of the unit because moisture might develop inside the unit and can lead to corrosion. Moreover, vermin tend to build nests in the inner part of the unit if it is totally and completely covered. Thus, take the cover away when the AC unit is running.

Balance The Unit

When the AC unit sits for a long time, the pad for which it sits might tilt or bend over as the ground subsides beneath it. Know that an uneven air-conditioning unit can be the reason why the compressor may fail early. Make sure to regularly check the AC unit for level and utilize rot-resistant fillings to make the compressor level.

Clean The AC Evaporator Coil

Now it is time to clean inside. On the furnace unit or the inside blower, search for the evaporator coil door. You might need to take out some duct tape, bolts, and screws. Utilize a soft brush to remove the debris from the coil, then wash the evaporator coil with no-rinse coil cleaner that is readily available on the market.

Clear Out A Clogged Evaporator Drain

Mold and algae can develop in the interior of your AC unit and can clog the drain, so if the evaporator drain is flowing in a slow manner or worst, you might need to clean and unclog it. Know that a clogged evaporator drain can potentially stop the system to cool to avoid flooding on the floor.

One way to solve this problem is to dry vacuum the drain to clean it. Take the hose to the edge of the drain. Turn the vacuum on and for about 2 to 3 minutes, and you can clear out the evaporator drain of any algae or mold.

Replace The Blower Filter

As a reminder, you should change your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system at least two times a year. Always change the filter with a new one with the same airflow rating. Take out the old blower filter and place the new one following the air-flow direction.  And then close and fasten the door. Once finished, turn the power back on.


Regularly cleaning your air-conditioning unit can help you save money and lengthen the life of your unit potentially. Even though the amount of upkeep a homeowner can do on an AC unit is rather short; however, there are some easy and simple ways that you can do to keep your air-conditioning unit function smoothly. Read the above list to know and understand these simple steps.

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