Getting married is one of the happiest and unforgettable moments in your life, but what if instead you get delighted, all you get is a divorce from your partner? Going through a divorce may be one of the most painful and problematic times in your life.

Not only it can drain you emotionally, but it also gives you plenty of assets, one of it is determining what to do with the engagement ring that your partner gave you. If you decided on selling the engagement ring after your divorce, it would give you emotional and financial benefits. But how do you sell your engagement ring? What is the best way to sell it?

Who To Sell To?

There are a lot of options where to sell your engagement ring. It can be to the jewelers, pawn shops, online selling platforms, auction houses, or online diamond buyers. In fact, it’s difficult to sell a wedding ring in auction houses because they only settle for unique first rate diamonds.

On the other hand, selling your wedding ring on online stores such eBay and Amazon can be a lengthy process without assurance. Pawn Shops will be a wise choice if you are in hurry of getting your cash, the only problem is pawnshops or pawnbrokers are not specialists when it comes to diamond.

In the end, you wouldn’t know the actual value of your engagement ring, if it’s more expensive or not. However, online diamond buyers, propose great benefits, quick services and offers large sums of money. Here are the reasons for this.

  • Online diamond buyers are diamond experts, which means they can quickly identify what kind of diamond you’re selling. Also, they can tell the exact value of your engagement ring.
  • Online diamond buyers tend to have lower overhead costs which explain into higher offers for your wedding ring.
  • Large companies also have access to the international diamond market.

Research Is Important

The first thing you need to do is to research your buyers or companies that you have to work to in the future. You don’t want to let your diamond go to waste just by selling it to an untrusted buyer.

Finding a reputable diamond buyer is hard. Hence you need to do your research. You don’t want to waste your effort and money on some unreputable company. Here are the following criteria on what you should know in a diamond company.

  • It has to be BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited.
  • It has to have a reliable number of reviews online.
  • It should provide free and transparent service.
  • It has to have trained diamond experts by GIA (Gemological Institute Of America)

Emotional Benefits

It’s hard to get back up from a broken marriage, and it can be difficult for both men and women. You have to deal with a lot of emotions. From pain to suffering the consequences. You have to settle your feelings from your partner or husband to deal with your daily life.

To overcome this problem, you need to let go of your emotions and the things that have sentimental values to you and open yourself to a new experience and new life.


Divorce would cost you a lot. You can’t deny the fact that it is also a financial strain regarding legal fees, alimony, division of assets and tax issues. Dealing with this pressure with an emotional disturbance can be overwhelming. Finding new sources of income can help you relieve a little bit of your stress.

In the end, if you decided to sell your wedding ring or engagement ring, make sure to keep in mind the reasons and list above. It will surely help you in your way of selling the ring. If you haven’t found any online diamond buyer, you can visit Truval. They are online diamond buyers, which have great offers and reputation.

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