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The Western Conference has seen many upper echelon teams in decades past. The “Showtime” Lakers, the “Clutch City” Rockets and of course Gregg Popovich’s Spurs.

Nowadays, there is a new team that has emerged in the same conversation alongside these teams.

The Western Conference supremacy runs through the Bay Area. Oakland to be exact. The Golden State Warriors are the best in the West. Again. The addition of Kevin Durant has made this star studded team almost invincible.

The road in the Western Conference went through the top seeded Houston Rockets. After trailing in the series, 3-2 the “Dubs”, had to show toughness and grit headed back to Oracle Arena. Quickly down 17 points in the first quarter and 10 at halftime, the Warriors outscored Rockets 64-25 in the second half to bury the top seeded Rockets.

Fun facts, the Houston Rockets missed 27 consecutive three-pointers. Ouch!

A team like the Warriors will expose any team that shoots that poorly. Let’s face it, the Dubs are a team of stars.

The bench really is mediocre in most experts eyes. They’ve had the tough Western Conference locked up with a much better bench the past few years. This year’s role players? Unselfish. A tribute to the the Warriors.

Head coach Steve Kerr, and his staff, have portrayed the upmost respect for the game, as well as professionalism. Learning from the great Lute Olson at the University of Arizona, as well as the “Zen Master” Phil Jackson, to Gregg Popovic, Kerr has taken the Warriors to the next level.

Stephen Curry is the soul of this team. Kevin Durant is the dagger of this team. Klay Thompson is the silent assassin.

Draymond Green is the muscle and bully. All these ingredients are mixed together and brings an entrée winning titles. Do they have enough to slow down the red hot LeBron James in the finals? They won’t stop him. They can only hope to contain him.

Golden State knows what is in store for them. A matchup with Cavaliers vs. Warriors act IV. The Dubs have the home court so Oracle will definitely be rocking. In order for the Cavs to be the best again, they have to beat the best again.

The 2018 NBA Finals is sure to be box office material. Do the Golden State Warriors hang another banner up in the rafters at Oracle? Or do the Cavs party like it’s 2016? Time will tell, that journey starts Thursday in Oakland.  Fans can watch the games live with an NBA League Pass.  For fans suffering from a GamePass Blackout and are unable to see the games live, they can stream with a VPN for the NBA League Pass.


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