Are you also crazy over teacup puppies like me and have made your mind to bring it home? That’s a great idea because if I share my experience with you ever since adding furry to our family this past autumn, he has become a superglue that brings my family all together.

Bringing furry in our home was a worth decision, but it also helps me to learn many things about teacup puppies. Now I can easily guide others who want to bring a new friend in his/her home. Before getting furry home, I also think that teacup puppy is the easiest to care for, but it is not always right. Since I bring him home, I have learned many things that keep your new puppy going strong all day and leave him happily tried at night.

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Here is a guide that will surely help you to keep your puppy feeling best.

1.      They Need Healthy Pup Food

Unlike adult dogs, teacup puppies require a balanced diet. You should feed your little dog a diet rich in fibers. Look for dry or canned food that contains ingredients like veggies, eggs, fruits, omega three fatty acids, and chicken.

Teacup puppies are prone to low blood pressure and if you have food contains Karo syrup it can help counteract blood pressure. Whenever you come to choose food for your pup discusses it with a vet that what kind of diet is healthy for your puppy. The other thing you need to remember is whenever you choose canned food, make sure you’re following the instructions given on it.

2.      Teacup Puppies Tend to Play More

Puppies love to play, and they feel tired after any activity. Make sure you are providing him with a comfortable bed to sleep. After playing with your new friend, place it on its bed so he can sleep well. They need more sleep as compared to adult dogs. So make sure you’re giving your teacup puppy proper time to rest.

3.      Provide Him with Fresh Water

Teacup puppies need more water to drink. So always provide him with fresh water to drink all the time. Whenever you go for your pup’s shopping make sure to buy a water bowl that your dog can easily reach. When you notice the water is running low or murky refill the water bowl.

4.      Teacup Puppies Also Need Exercise

Most dog owners think teacup puppies are lap dogs they don’t need exercise. But the reality is like other things they also need some exercise. I take Furry to a walk, and he loves to run. So I try to make sure that Furry get plenty of exercises every day. You can take your puppy out in the morning or evening to let him run in the open field near your home.

5.      Bring Him Chewing Toys

Your new teacup puppies require chewing toys while teething. To avoid him chewing your furniture or other items bring him some chewing toys such as bone or rubber balls. Don’t let your puppy chew home items it can cause health problems for your dog.

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