I know what it’s like working in such a toxic workplace filled with high-pressure bosses and office mates who love gossip. So many companies would try to milk as much labor out of their employees to the point it becomes crazy! 

Not all bosses know that this type of cut-throat environment isn’t just degrading to an employee, but also harms productivity time. More research shows how positive organizational psychology actually helps benefit bosses and employees. 

However, those in higher positions think that pushing stress and pressure to their employees have them perform faster and better. Well, that’s not the case! 

If you want to learn more about how a vibrant workplace culture leads to business success, read on. I’ll show you all about how the right workplace culture helps and what you can do to make it better in the office.

How a Vibrant Workplace Culture Leads to Business Success 

How does workplace culture affect the way your employees work? Here are five studies that prove change must be done if you want more positive outcomes in the office:

  • Workplace Accidents and Health Issues

Did you know that healthcare expenses at companies known for high-pressure are 50% MORE compared to other organizations? Thanks to the American Psychological Association, they estimated about $500 billion sucks away from the US economy all from workplace stress. In fact, over 500 million workdays are lost yearly because of stress in the workplace.

Furthermore, up to 80% of accidents on the job are linked to stress, with over 80% of doctor visits caused by it. This has caused a lot of health problems, from cardiovascular diseases down to mobility conditions.

That’s why it’s important to lessen the pressure and stress within the workplace. This helps keep your employees healthy and ready for work, without wasting your money on healthcare and productivity on absences.

  • Disengagement Leads to Negative Results

When you have a cut-throat environment, employees may find this a great challenge to conquer. It gets exciting at first, maybe, but what happens over time? Research suggests that this type of environment will lead to inevitable stress, resulting in disengagement over the jobs in the long run.

And engagement within the workplace is one of the most crucial things you need within your employees! Without the engagement, it gets costly, and you can expect higher rates of absences, more accidents, as well as more deficits and errors in products or services offered. 

Furthermore, low engagement results in lower productivity, profits, job growth, and even a lower share price for your company!

  • There’s Lack of Loyalty 

Losing loyalty is just as costly as disengagement. This is because as people begin moving to better jobs with positive workplace cultures, the turnover costs go straight to you.

You will need to spend time, effort, and money having to recruit and train new people that replaced old employees who left from lack of loyalty. And if you keep this up, the cycle may start over again, leaving you with a lot of wasted time and money because your employees don’t feel engaged or positive within the office.

How to Improve Your Workplace’s Culture

Now that you know how negative workplace culture affects your workers and projects, follow these tips to change that:

  • Leave Your Doors Open

Empower your employees and let them know that you’re always open to communicate. Ask for feedback from them, have suggestion boxes, and always remain open to any constructive criticism. This will help you know what your employees feel and what you can do to improve the environment.

  • Let People Know They Can Advance 

Allow your people to know that there’s room for promotions and that they can climb the ladder to success. This encourages them to do more, also lessening the costs of having to recruit someone outside the company. It’s better to promote someone who already knows how the business works!

  • Allow Your Employees to Think 

And of course, let your employees think for themselves. Have them directly handle issues and trust them in important decisions within their line of duty. This saves you money and effort on your part while having your employees learn more in the job, which increases productivity.

Wrapping It Up

Toxic and dysfunctional workplace cultures lead to lessened productivity and hatred for the job. That’s why it’s important to improve the area, may it be from changing the environment of office by changing furniture with Fast Office Furniture Brisbane, or to improve your attitude towards employees.

Hopefully, my article on how a vibrant workplace culture leads to business success informed you of what you should do. So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tips to create a healthy workplace now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences in various workplace cultures, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

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