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Marketing: The Importance In Having A Clear Brand Message

Your brand message should be at the centre of marketing, sales and communications strategies for businesses of all sizes. With buying decisions losing the influence of salespeople, it's more important than ever to create clear, concise and coherent brand messaging to attract and retain customers. Creating clear brand messaging A strong brand message will help you to demonstrate credibility, improve the performance of your advertising and will even drive brand
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Alexander Jean Ojjeh: Former Hedge Fund Manager Allegedly Paid Woman He Meet On Instagram For Loyalty and Sex

An unidentified master’s student living in London claims to have met Alex Ojjeh, a hedge funder on Instagram after the pair exchanged messages. She claims that she was swept off her feet by him and he eventually became less romantic. In fact, Alex was cold, possessive controlling and manipulative. Since the investor has deleted his Instagram but is still using Twitter. According to the woman Alex Ojjeh is a textbook narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. She admits that
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Jasmin Shojai: How She Has Gone From Playboy Playmate to Business Woman

Jasmin Shojai, best known for being awarded ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017-18’ and for being an icon in the Playboy Brand (appearing 10 times) Is now on the journey, so to say, on becoming a more ‘Traditional Business Woman’. Although the young entrepreneur has always been quite the savvy Business Woman throughout her modelling & acting years Speaking of modelling, Miss Shojai has been featured in various Magazines &
Get funding for your home-based business
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Get funding for your home-based business – creative and unique ways to get money

You’d be surprised to find how many successful businesses have started at home. For the stage when you lay the foundation of the company, it’s best to run it from home because it allows you to operate it with a limited budget. The first year is the one that comes with the most challenges; you try to attract clients, look for investors, and customise your products to meet the buyers’
Workflow Automation & Airslate
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Automate Your Business Using Workflow Automation & Airslate

Workflow automation is the process of automating a certain process or step in your business. It can be anything from setting up and maintaining an automatic stock picker to automatically sending out your emails. Airslate Automation Software Airslate is the best example of automation. If you want to automate your workflow fully and want to increase your productivity. You can use airslate for this task. Its zero coding and you
Scott Bartnick
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Work Remote – Entrepreneur Scott Bartnick Story

There has been huge a shift in American work culture due to the adaptations required by COVID-19. With the change to remote work, there are more companies seeing the benefits as well as the employees welcoming the change. There are many people that sought out this work-life balance pre pandemic, and entrepreneur, Scott Bartnick, had seen the value of freedom and flexibility the moment he entered the work force. Scott

Mistakes that leave Online Businesses in Dire Straits

Pretty sure you have a dream of running a successful online venture, where revenue keeps growing at a substantial rate. Now, snapping back to reality, running a business is no less than a nightmare, whether it is a conventional one or an online. The first thing to keep in mind before starting an online venture is that you need strong credibility. Competition is tough and your unique selling proposition is
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5 Business Trends That Are Changing the Way You Do Business

Constantly buzzing, the world of marketing is adjusting to new trends for commercial growth. But unfortunately, most of the business holders do not have any update on these. If you are one of those, then reading this post will be worth your time.  Make Your Services Voice Search Compatible Commercial growth requires effective promotion services. The current challenge in this area is to stay abreast of technological developments in order
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Current Trends In The Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, you need to be aware of what the latest trends are so that you can stay current and competitive with other manufacturers. As an industry that relies heavily on equipment, technology, and people, there are often new trends that develop, which can help take your company to the next level. It can also be hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these

How Self-Serving Kiosks are Transforming Consumer Behavior

It’s 2020 and we still don’t have flying cars every science fiction movie from the 80s and 90s promised us. However, we have smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices we can control by using our voices. So, it’s safe to say that we came pretty close to those Sci-Fi movie predictions. One of the most interesting gadgets people are encountering these days are, of course, self-serving kiosks. These things are