It was a frustrating 2017 season for many in the Packers organization. Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury and the team proved once again that they are incapable of maintaining a high level without him.

It was so evident in fact that the front office performed a major overhaul cleansing itself of quite a few of their personnel and coaches, including quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt. The move upset Rodgers who apparently wasn’t addressed about the issue before hand and has started people talking about what the future could look like for the Packers veteran signal caller.

The quarterback who in the past has expressed a desire to finish his career with the team has now hinted that he is prepared to play for another franchise, by saying.

“I think you have to be humble enough to realize that if it could happen to Brett, it can happen to you.”

It’s possible that the sentiment Rodgers was feeling was completely unrelated to what happened to his coach, but it has been fairly obvious over the last few years that there could be a power struggle going on in Green Bay.

Rodgers is under contract through the 2019 season and it’s hard to believe that the Packers wouldn’t accommodate his wishes to play into his 40’s, especially without a solid backup plan in place.

Hopefully, the changes the organization have made so far, and any new additions they make this offseason, will allow for better times for the team during the 2018 season and will make Aaron Rodgers happy enough to stay with the Green Bay Packers.


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