Joomla is one of the most renowned content management systems on the web. It is little complicated than WordPress.

However, it offers several add-on features for small to medium size businesses. It is a pure content management system but is not that much easy to set up and optimize. While we are talking about search engine optimization, some advanced version of Joomla features is not SEO friendly.

Given below are some lists of factors that you need to pay attention while making a Joomla website SEO friendly.

Need to customize page titles

With the advanced version of Joomla, it has enabled functionality. The Joomla article manager is little complicating, so setting up the title of the custom pages is a breeze. It is highly essential for SEO, and if you are using Joomla website, then you must make sure all of your pages must have custom page titles.

XML sitemap of Google

A sitemap is a major necessary component that informs Google about your website’s content. In case of Joomla, it has little difficulties along with the development of the dynamic sitemap. In Joomla, you will not get any basic module which will fulfill the basic need of a sitemap. It does not have an advanced XML. For this, you must require an updated version of sitemap which updates you edited field whenever the page is edited.

Custom keyword URLs

URL’s are the most critical factor for any page optimization. Fortunately, there are vast options of Joomla extensions are available which will let you create the custom URL for your webpage. In these extensions, you can also include your keyword as an alias. However, make sure you are using different keywords for each page of your website.

Backlinks in Joomla

In Joomla, there are several types of useful plugins are available which helps to manage the backlinks and also helps to preserve them. For instance, with the help of Joomla backlink checker tool, you can check which sites are linking to you and the value of those websites. If you want, you can also protect those backlinks, but for that, you need to use the recent version of Joomla so you will get one Backlink Migration extension option there. These extensions will help to redirect your backlink URLs.

Nowadays Joomla is one of the vital, robust content management tools which are having strong SEO components. If you are a beginner, then it is highly suggested not to use Joomla. A best constructed Joomla site will bring excellent foundation for a website which is easy to rich in keywords. If you are planning to adopt Joomla featured website for your business, then it will be best for you to hire a Joomla expert who can make additions and changes to your site.

A primary campaign depends on a perfect keyword search. To get a successful online business, you need to search specific and targeted keyword for your website. The best research of keyword will play a significant role in getting the best position on search engines. Finding appropriate keyword for your business must be a tough task. The primary work of a keyword is to provide the targeted customer with valuable pieces of information as per their requirements.

Blueprint SEO strategy is one kind of solution to drive pre-qualified traffic towards your company website. It helps to boost up your online revenue and conversion rates. If you follow the strategy properly with focused goals, you will see the difference. If you hire an SEO expert for this, then they will work for you always to get desired output.

There are specific steps need to follow which comes under SEO strategies:

  • Initial Analysis
  • Report and recommendations
  • Keyword research
  • Implementations
  • Reporting
  • On-going maintenance
  • Review

If you hire an experienced organization, then they will handle these tasks mentioned above for you. They will work hard for your business with implementing latest blueprint SEO strategies to let you achieve the maximum results for your website.

There are many ways available on which you can do search optimization on Joomla website. Many other aspects can be reviewed to easily optimize a Joomla website and make it more SEO friendly. For having a successful Joomla website, you need to clued up about the friendliness with different search engines like Google, and Yahoo. Joomla optimizing options can easily and efficiently optimize the site which will further help to increase the ranking position on the leading search engines. Furthermore, it brings massive traffic towards your website.


So hire one of the reputed organizations for Joomla website development. If you already have a Joomla business website then hire an expert for effective SEO on that site so you will easily get more traffic on your webpage.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a well-known writer, and he has already published many articles on SEO, WordPress, and related matters. Here, he has tried his best to bring out the essence of SEO friendly Joomla sites. He has also highlighted blueprint SEO strategy as well.

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