Your academics form the base for your career. In case of any conflict to report your academic dissatisfaction as a student you can consult an academic appeals lawyer

What is an Academic Appeal?

An academic appeal is a procedure that permits a university or college student to review a decision regarding his/her academic progress. When a student feels dissatisfied or finds an unfair activity at a higher education institution, he/she has the option to appeal or file a complaint with valid evidence and justification.

Grounds for an academic appeal

A student cannot make an academic appeal just because he/she felt displeased or disagreed with a decision. They have to provide valid reasons for the appeal in most schools, there are only two permissible grounds for an academic appeal. These two are:

  • Improper Conduct: Errors that occurred while grading a paper, recording attendance, marking an essay or any other form of marked work on behalf of the school staff form the basis of improper conduct. Figuring out whether this ground applies in a student’s particular situation can be tricky. In this case, a student is recommended to seek professional advice. Lento Law firm can help you exclusively in this matter.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: these circumstances include unavoidable situations like death in the family, a prolonged sickness that kept you away from school for a long time, etc. it must be noted that the circumstance mentioned in the appeal must be one that the school was not previously aware of. If the school is noted months after the incident happened, the student must provide a convincing reason as to why he/she didn’t inform the school before. If he/she is unable to do so, the academic appeal would be rejected without further ado. 

Academic appeals can typically be of 4 types:

  1. Grade appeals: This is a request by the student to modify a course grade. This is granted only when the school staff has made a mistake for which a student’s academic standing has been affected.
  2. Probation appeals: When a student fails to achieve the minimum required standards for graduation, he/she is kept on academic probation. You can make a probation appeal to reinstate your original academic standing.
  3. Academic Suspension Appeals: Students might be placed on academic suspension. At that time they are prohibited to enroll for a certain period of time. You can appeal to lift your academic suspension on valid grounds.
  4. Academic Dismissal appeals: in cases when a student fails to have satisfactory academic progress they can be dismissed from the institution. Fortunately, a student can appeal to contest the decision of his/her academic dismissal.

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