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Academy Awards: Why 2015 Could Be A Big Year For Felicity Jones

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Fans of The Amazing Spider Man will recognize Jones as Felicia, the sneaky assistant to Henry Osborn. Jones made her mark outside of the action genre as well, as she starred alongside Eddie Redmayne, in the drama The Theory Of Everything.

It’s that film, which has launched Jones into Hollywood’s watch list, and makes her the name to watch in 2015 and Jones will likely start out 2015 as an Academy Award nominee. Her role in Theory Of Everything was nothing short of remarkable.

Jones plays Jane Hawking, the wife of famous author Stephen Hawking. In the role, Jones displays a great deal of emotion and passion as she struggles with the hardships of her husband’s worsening condition. Many have pegged her as a potential favorite for the Oscar.

felicity-jones-7466The title of Academy Award Nominee (or winner) does wonders for a career that has been a long time coming. Jones isn’t a young actress by today’s standards. At age 31, she is just now coming into her own as a Hollywood starlet. With her successful 2014, Jones is looking to capitalize on her success, and her film slate is looking very promising.

Currently, Jones has two films in the pipeline. Her first is the drama True Story, which also stars Academy Award nominees James Franco and Jonah Hill, and it’s expected release is the second quarter of 2015.

In addition, the actress also has a leading role in the film, Autobahn.

While her two films are certainly an encouraging step in the right direction, the future beyond that is also promising, as she currently is rumored to be in four upcoming movies over the next two years.

With an Academy Award forthcoming, Jones will most certainly start 2015 off with a bang, and while she might not make the most box office money in the upcoming year, she might find herself sitting pretty as one of Hollywood’s best leading ladies.

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