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Movies: Alicia Vikander Looks To Capitalize On Big 2015

If you are looking for 2015's breakthrough actress look no further than Alicia Vikander. It's been a colossal year for the Swedish starlet, one which has seen her star in two of the years most critically acclaimed films, the Danish Girl and Ex Machina. It was her performance in Ex Machina that first showcased Vikander's extraordinary acting chops. Playing a very self-aware automaton, she was able to bring her character
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2015 Academy Awards: Selma Is Simply Too Good To Be Ignored

The one big takeaway from the Golden Globes is many have fallen in love with Boyhood. The film, which took over 10 years to complete, walked away with the Best Motion Picture (Drama) and Patricia Arquette winning for Best Actress in a Motion Picture--Drama,  However, the night was quiet for one film in particular, and that was Selma. Selma, which tells the story of the Martin Luther King led protests
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Entertainment: The Oscars – The Full List Of Academy Award Nominations Announced (VIDEO)

Earlier this morning J.J. Abrahms, Alfonso Cuaron, Chris Pine, and Academy President Cheryl Bone Isaacs revealed the full list of Academy Award nominations for each of the 24 categories. Oddly enough, this year only eight films out of a possible ten were nominated in the best picture category. Granted, I would personally prefer that the Academy would only allow five nominations, as they do in the actor and actress categories.
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Academy Awards: Why 2015 Could Be A Big Year For Felicity Jones

Fans of The Amazing Spider Man will recognize Jones as Felicia, the sneaky assistant to Henry Osborn. Jones made her mark outside of the action genre as well, as she starred alongside Eddie Redmayne, in the drama The Theory Of Everything. It's that film, which has launched Jones into Hollywood's watch list, and makes her the name to watch in 2015 and Jones will likely start out 2015 as an