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Although entering into rehab treatment is in and of itself a healthy choice, few people realize the toil that rehab can take on someone’s body physically. Detox and rehab can be a physically challenging time. In order to better help yourself get through these challenges, it is a good idea to start new healthy habits which can help your body cope. Keep reading to learn more about healthy habits you can start during rehab.

What Happens To Your Body

Substance abuse and addictions are not simply bad choices which a person makes. After some time, your body becomes physically dependent on the substances you have developed addictions to. This means that in the same way your body needs air, water, food, and sleep, your body now thinks that it needs the harmful substances it has become addicted to. This is the main reason why beating addiction is so hard. You are fighting against your own body.

When a person enters rehab and begins the detox/rehab process, their physical body will be going through a very challenging process. Instituting good healthy habits during this process can help your body cope with the changes it is experiencing.


The substances you have been using may have, over the years, disrupted normal sleep patterns. Stimulant substances can cause the human mind and body to stay awake for abnormally long periods of time. Depressant substances can cause you to want to sleep for abnormal periods. Either way, the natural cycle of healthy sleep is interrupted. Over time this will begin to affect your overall health.

Taking steps to establish natural, normal sleep patterns can help your body deal with the work it needs to do in rehab. There are plenty of natural ways you can help your body get on a healthy sleep pattern. The first step is to establish a bedtime routine. This bedtime routine should begin about an hour before you are actually planning to lay down. Screens should not be involved in this routine at all. Sleep experts agree that shutting off screens one hour before bedtime helps your brain to wind down quicker and may also help you stay asleep longer at night.

After shutting off your screens, make an effort to dim lights or only keep low lights on. Many people find it helpful to add a “closing” routine for bedtime. This means you may do a few closing chores around the house, such as load the dishwasher or take out the trash. Tidying up just a little before bed will begin to send a signal to your brain that the day is over, it is time to rest. Taking a warm bath is another great thing to add to a bedtime routine. A warm bath will relax your muscles and help you wind down. Put yourself in bed around the same time each night so that your body will start to recognize the pattern. Don’t turn on screens once you are in bed. Read a book until you dose off.


Incorporating exercise into your daily life is a great way to help your body deal with the changes it will be going through during rehab. Exercise will release endorphins into your brain. This can help with the decreased levels of dopamine and serotonin you will experience right after you quit putting substances into your body. Exercise will also help you sleep better at night.

Exercise is also a great way to take your mind off of cravings while you detox as well. If you would like more resources on healthy habits you can incorporate during rehab, see the list of resources below to get you started.


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