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3 Pro Tips For Selecting The Right Mattress
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Advantages Of A New Mattress

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1. Better For People With Lower Back Pain

WebMD reports that a mattress that is too squishy or too firm will not support your spine at your lower back or neck properly.

Only a limited amount of research has been conducted, but researchers in one study assigned a new mattress to over 300 individuals who suffered from low back pain. For 90 days, they used either a “firm” or “medium-firm” mattress. Those who were in the medium-firm group were the ones who reported the least discomfort.

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You may want to consider buying a memory foam mattress (rather than the traditional innerspring). Memory foam molds to the shape of your body.

2. Ideal For People Who Sleep On Their Back

For back sleepers, a soft mattress might not be a great choice. When a mattress is too soft it can cause your lower back to ache. If you own a soft mattress, you can place a small pillow in the back of your knees to help properly align your spine. Those who sleep on their backs might find that the best option for them is to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.

3. Conducts Less Heat

For people who live in a warm climate, it can be beneficial to sleep on a firm or medium-firm mattress. Less heat resonates due to less sinking, which makes it more comfortable for you to sleep.

4. Enhances The Right Alignment

Your spine needs to be aligned properly in order to achieve the most restorative sleep ( as well as to help avoid discomfort). When you sleep on a medium-firm mattress, fortunately, it helps no matter which sleeping position you use. Even back and stomach sleepers will find that as long as they use the right pillows, sleeping on a medium-firm mattress will provide the proper spinal alignment.

5. Provides Better Edge Support

Firm and medium-firm mattresses, compared to a soft mattress, will provide better edge support. When you have good edge support you can bend, lie, or sit on the edge of your bed without falling off.

6. Evenly Distributes Weight

When you sleep on a soft mattress, it might not provide the right weight distribution which can cause you to sink into the mattress. That can result in some of your body parts aching when you wake up in the morning. On the other hand, a medium-firm mattress will provide your entire body with enough support. When you are testing a mattress out, be sure that it doesn’t slump.

7. May Help To Reduce Stress

Another advantage of medium-firm mattresses is they can help to reduce stress. The Better Sleep Council conducted a small study where most of the respondents reported having a significant reduction in stress when they slept on a new, medium-firm mattress.

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