With the help of space shuttles, we finally have reached the world beyond earth. This major achievement has been improving over the years thanks to the brilliant scientists, who have worked hard in achieving such results.

One needs to understand that a space shuttle is not the same as a regular aircraft that we see flying above our heads. It has some of the most advanced features that make it a top-class transporting machine for fast travel outerspace. While the science behind a space shuttle is too broad a subject to learn at once, here are some of the major facts that one should find interesting about this great invention.

· Speed

The speed of a space shuttle in orbit around the Earth is around 17,500 mph, which is certainly outstanding. Even more fascinating is the fact that the crew aboard a space shuttle is able to witness the sunrise and sunset from the spacecraft after every forty five minutes.

· Space Shuttles are expensive

No doubt the technology and material that has been used to create these massive vehicles are going to cost a fortune. As per the data, a single space shuttle mission (which comprises of a space craft, the orbiters, and launching gear) can cost up to $450 million. Just imagine how much space agencies must have spent on the many space missions occurred so far. The United States’ Space Shuttle Program alone has been estimated to have spent over $196 billion by the end of 2011.

· Exhaust of a space shuttle is water vapour

An interesting fact to know about space shuttles is that their launch does not really cause any pollution. This is because the fuel used in the orbiters encompasses a mix of liquid hydrogen and liqud oxygen, which results in the formation of water paper out of the exhaust.

· Power consumption on a space shuttle

For travelling in space, there needs to be efficient utilization of resources. So, scientists use the most advanced power sources for powering the computers on the shuttle. According to sources, the highly advanced computer on a ship just uses 1% of the power needed to run an Xbox 360 gaming console.

· Outstanding tires

As a space shuttle lands (when returning from a mission) in a similar fashion as a normal aircraft, it needs to have strong tires to keep it upright. Facts claim that the tires used on the space shuttle are Michelin tires that have been constructed to support forty NASCAR drivers in one car that is travelling at 250 mph.

Space orbiters have so many hi-tech gadgets and electronic devices installed in them that make it possible for it survive outside our world. Moreover, their built quality is something that could never have been achieved without the extensive research from the scientists all over the world. There is so much more to know about such facts and stories on various websites such as councilchronicle.com, which you can surely admire after reading online.

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