CYBUR, a startup that creates completely automated websites using AI and user data to evolve according to patterns of behavior has launched. CYBUR solves the problem of not having an efficient website designed to help grow alongside a business. Founder Charles Glar had his ‘aha’ moment in early 2020 when he realized many business owners had low quality, unfriendly websites. After COVID-19 hit, companies closed due to the lack of communication with clients and inability to acquire new ones because of restrictions and safety concerns. Thus, CYBUR was born to fill this void in the market. Many online builders exist, but navigating the process is difficult. CYBUR kills two birds with one stone by first automatically creating the website, and then marketing it, auto-evolving to become more efficient over time. The system removes the hassle of maintenance, design, functionality, and growth for a wholesome solution in a time where the world is moving towards a more online-driven economy.

Charles says, “During the pandemic, l realized that businesses needed a platform that would help them thrive in the post-COVID era. Many businesses need help adapting to a more technologically-driven environment. Our mission is to help business owners make a clean shift from standard marketing practices to an online-driven model that helps them thrive under these new circumstances. Not only do we plan on making website creation as easy as clicking a button, but we also plan to use artificial intelligence to make their businesses grow with them.”

CYBUR’s key offerings include automated website creation, AI driven data evolution and design supervisor, AI software creation, monthly website maintenance, monthly analytics report, marketing tools, account managers, custom code integrations, a free website builder, and assistance with growing a business from zero to profitable. The startup is offering services completely free for a year to small businesses affected by the pandemic starting December 27th. to January 27th with lifetime free hosting. CYBUR is also offering private grants to businesses in Boston, MA hit by the pandemic and free educational events in 2021 about AI in marketing to help companies adapt to a new technological environment. The platform was designed to push technological limits and simplify a difficult task.

More about Charles Giar

Charles Glar is the CEO of CYBUR Technologies, an International Artificial intelligence startup in Boston, MA. He has managed to make breakthroughs in AI technology that has led to faster website creation models and new marketing methods. Born in Panama City, Panama and migrating to the US at age 4, he currently resides in Washington, DC where he is part of multiple technological councils helping advance local community efforts through technological innovations. Charles is a philanthropist and has donated to multiple community efforts, providing economic aid to small businesses through new initiatives at CYBUR. Currently attending Columbia University, Charles founded one of the fastest growing construction companies in the DMV and sold it to pursue CYBUR full time. He amassed over 12.7 million in funding for CYBUR and has been a business owner since the age of 16.

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