It looks like AJ Styles is going to be working on Monday night after all. Despite the promo he did with Shane McMahon, which included a heartfelt promo of the former WWE world champion sitting how much he likes being part of the Tuesday night party, the phenomenal one is changing teams.


Ironically it comes as international superstar Nakamura made his first appearance on the main roster this past Tuesday. Phooey! Every time it appears this company gets something right, meaning the possibility of a confrontation between these two superstars, they pull the rug out from underneath the fans.

To say that I’m slightly pissed is an understatement. I thought for sure with a handshake, the notion of keeping best performer on WWE’s roster on the blueprint was a guarantee. Yes, even I make mistakes.

Styles makes the jump to a brand of red that still has issues with booking and may need a little bit of balance now that the Roman Empire controls the dial on Monday night.

After talking with my friend Sarah, who does her own blogging, the potential for Randy Orton and Styles mixing it up again had me and possibly other fans salivating.

I guess I need to stick my tongue back in my mouth.

The night or two after WrestleMania is always eventful. The addition of the Hardy Boys and The Revival to The Raw brand proved that. Also the addition of the former two-time NXT champion and Tye Dillinger made SmackDown Live that much stronger. But taking Styles away from Tuesday nights doesn’t solve fucking issues for both brands. Only true benefit I see from the move is his real union with gallows and Anderson, his former Bullet Club bandmates.

I’m sure somewhere in the back in the minds of fans is the thought of a confrontation with Finn Balor that may raise the blood pressure of several adoring fans.

Styles’ place was on Tuesday nights. He made it his shell. Regardless of the WWE world title securely around the waist of Orton and Bray Wyatt before him, was his show.

More important than John Cena, a better performance than anybody else on the roster.

Can you dig that, sucker?

Styles moving to Monday nights brings up an interesting question as to who replaces him? Does Kevin Owens and his United States heavyweight title take a jump to the blue team? Does Dean Ambrose change his stripes?

I’m going to stand on the record and say I think this is a bad move with brand extension, but I don’t make the rules. I can only voice the fact that I’m disappointed, and hope the move of styles and other wrestlers prove to be changes for the better. Because if not, playing chess with Style as the centerpiece is more like using a pawn was no beneficial move in sight.

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