Undertaker’s character will never be replaced.

No matter how hard WWE may try to find an equivalent performer to fill the gap, there is no way for anyone to step in and replace a legend.  Instead of trying to add weight to characters like Bray Wyatt, the company should bridge the gap. By doing so it creates a new following that will start a new revolution.


Could that mean the Finn Balor era is about to explode on Monday nights?

The return of the man whose Demon King alter ego would be the perfect transition from Undertaker’s mystical, cryptic character means WWE is forging a new path. His success in NXT has translated to the main roster and after a very brief run as Universal Heavyweight Champion. He should be booked as part of the opposition of a Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe-led mega heel stable.

Ironically, that means that he must work well with the man who put him out of action to begin with, Seth Rollins.

It also means the company will have to find ways to book Balor, Rollins and other baby face superstars as part of their own faction.  Zayn could be the beneficiary of Balor’s return as he is trapped in mid-card purgatory. Fans love the former NXT star, but the push for Owens as champion stalled any progression.

Rollins would almost assuredly play the role of second fiddle in a two-man game.

Balor’s return also aids booking because fans haven’t fully accepted the Roman Reigns position. Should he develop a straight forward heel persona, the company would have an easier time selling Balor as Monday night’s top good guy.

The company cannot afford to lose traction now that the Big Guy has sent Undertaker on his last ride.

Balor’s rise to the top of the food chain only works if his Demon King persona becomes the focal point of his character. Fans have grown to love both wrestlers, but in the interest of theatrics this is the way WWE needs to go. Undertaker’s gimmick stood the test of time for 27 years. Aside from the performer, there may never have been a more iconic entrance to a wrestling ring. Balor’s entrance isn’t the same, but it could be just as dynamic.

For years fans, have talked about replacing legends. Who would be the next Hulk Hogan? Who replaces Roddy Piper? When do we see another Barry Windham? They can’t be replaced. No matter how hard promotions try to find their equivalent, it just doesn’t happen. You can’t take somebody off the street, perfect their character, and call them the next Babe Ruth. Much the same, you can’t take someone off the roster and call them the next Undertaker.

Balor’s character is ideal for transition. There is no need to rush a title run. His immediate “responsibility” he is to a establish dominance on the side of good. It used to be there was one dominant baby face and one dominant villain in a wrestling promotion. That formula is long gone. WWE needs several superstars on both sides of the fence to create balance. Balor’s return does that and creates a whole new opportunity for fans to follow the leader in nomadic fashion.

Undertaker made it trendy to tow the line between good and evil. Balor may not have tipped the scales, but his character is dynamic enough to create a whole new cult-like following. It’s what WWE needs to transition from the old guard to a new set of dynamic superstars.

And the Demon King should be the one leading the new path of WWE’s changing guard.

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