Alessandra Mai Vinh is a professional dancer and model from Italy daughter of Vietnamese refugees. Now she lives in one of the coolest places on earth, Melrose in Los Angeles, where she’s living her dream as an artist.

Alessandra has worked in big TV shows, commercials, and tours, but she’s not only a dancer, this incredible artist has choreographed a number of very popular artists. You have probably seeing her work on TV or in a live show countless times.

As most of the best dancers in the world, she decided to move to New York and study at one of the most prestigious dance schools, Broadway Dance Center, located in the heart of the New York City Theater District.

In New York City Vinh performed live on Good Morning America, Madison Square Garden, and many other legendary locations and shows.

Her unique moves and look made her one of the most popular dancers/choreographers in the City of Angels, and after chasing her for a while, The Inscriber finally had the opportunity of talking to her about her life and career!


Alessandra, your life sounds so interesting, what is your day like? 

I wake up at 7 am and make espresso in my Bialetti Moka pot. Not to sound basic, but I can’t function without coffee LOL Besides coffee I try to have a good breakfast every day to avoid brain fog hitting me at noon. After coffee, I meditate and do 10 minutes of yoga. My workday starts with reading my agent’s emails and getting ready for my self-tapes. Nowadays most of the auditions are online and you show up in person for the final round.

After auditioning, I take dance and acting classes and meet up with friends for pizza, after all, I’m Italian, I value carbs and meeting up with friends regularly.

Some other days I’m on set shooting commercials or dancing. These are my favorite days and the reason why I moved to Los Angeles. Shoot days are long but I get to do what I love, impersonate another character besides myself and make friends with fellow artists!


Your dance is stunning and appears to be effortless, but we all know it’s the result of many hours of training and hard work. How many days do you train a week? 

Usually 5 days a week.


You’ve also studied acting, how has that affected your approach to dance? 

I started to study acting in NYC at T. Schreiber Studio and I’m still studying here in L.A.

I feel that there are certain gaps in a dancer’s education. For instance, I play so many different characters but there was never anything that gave me the tools to build a character. It was such a game-changer for me to start study acting because I was able to immediately apply this skill to my dance career.

In addition to your love for dancing, you love fashion! Tell me more about it.

Being born in Italy, the love for fashion and nice things come naturally, since you are surrounded by the most stunning treasures in the world.

Clothes for me, are not just clothes, fashion is a way to communicate who I am. I don’t talk much in person. I communicate through dance and fashion.


Where can we see you next? 

Actually, in a bunch of things, which is very exciting! I have some national campaigns coming out soon and I got to dance in a super fun NETFLIX show that is coming out at the beginning of 2022. These projects are still secret…more info soon!


Follow Alessandra on Instagram @alessandra.maivinh


Photographer: Thomas Louvagny


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