Carlos Asse Directs the Successful Campaign of the Non-Profit Aliento

During the month of November of the present year, Mexican filmmaker Carlos Asse directed a set of projects in Arizona for a non-profit organization called Aliento. These projects have different purposes and formats and range from 30 second videos to a short documentary film.   Carlos decided to jump on board of this projects because as he says, “I was part of a non-profit organization in Mexico City for a

Actor Cesar Di Bello and his Award Winning Film ‘Original Sin’

It seems like actor Cesar Di Bello is the lucky talisman for every film he does. In the past, we have seen him competing in the Cannes Film Festival with the film “Manifesto” where he played the lead role of Simon. And most recently his comedy ‘Original Sin’ won the Best Foreign Film award at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival and the Best Comedy award at Milan International Filmmaker
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Daniel Minimalia, the Spanish Mike Oldfield

Daniel Minimalia recently released his new single "Flor de Leyenda", the first single of his fourth album "Terra", and his first song with voice composed by Daniel in which Esmeralda Grao, voice of Nacho Cano's songs and currently touring with Melendi, has collaborated. The album has been produced by Raniero Palm, winner of two Latin Grammys. Daniel Minimalia begins the tour with dates already confirmed in cities such as Madrid,
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Having lived her life under the yoke of a trauma that gave rise to PTSD, depression, bulimia and ADHD, one day she resolved to take back control of her life, seek help and improve herself. Although she gave up on school at 16, her desire for self-understanding drew her to learn more, focusing on human psychology and behavior — attending hundreds of seminars, lectures and courses given by doctors, researchers

Jean Marc Bertin, the New Reggaeton Star

Jean Marc Bertin recently released his first single fully in Spanish "Te Soñe”, a catchy song that is becoming a total success https://youtu.be/VF1FmNbGkLo   Jean Marc is a Haitian singer of trap and reggaeton mixed with tropical rhythms who sings in Spanish and French. He was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in the Dominican Republic. He loves both countries and wants to promote solidarity because he says that we are brothers and sisters regardless of the differences and

Estanis Figueroa, the Spanish Music Creative Executive that Made History

Estanis Figueroa is an international, chameleonic and creative music guru from Spain.   The entertainment accomplishments that this music business executive has achieved, are truly remarkable.   Estanis Figueroa (and many of his alter egos aka Larry Capolla, Satanis, Dani Otero, est4nis) show that a fearless and ingenious mind ... never gets bored!   Estanis recorded his first EP (as a drummer) at age 17 for the band ASH, that

Multitalented Artist, Jordi Caballero, Makes it Big in Hollywood

Jordi Caballero is an actor, choreographer, dancer, musician, and producer, who works with the best in each path. He taught Madonna and Terrence Howard how to dance tango in Ghosttown’s music video; acted opposite Sarah Jessica Parker as her love interest in Sex and the City; has choreographed iconic videos such as Dove’e L’Amore (Cher), and co-produced films such as The Load starring actress Maria Valverde for Amazon Prime, among

Radmila Lolly’s, our New Favorite singer and Fashion Designer

[caption id="attachment_137260" align="alignnone" width="800"] Photographer: Eugene Manning[/caption] Radmila Lolly is well-known for her haute couture line that has being wore by a number of celebrities and her angelical voice. She is the sole designer of the couture fashion house “Radmila Lolly” and a singer of alternative classic music. She creates a unique combination of her music with her fashion creations. Radmila most recently released her album “Wonderland” and complementary couture

Artist Hgroove Succeeds in the U.S. with his New Single ‘Que Pasa’

[caption id="attachment_137246" align="alignnone" width="900"] Photographer: Cat White[/caption] Ecuadorian singer Hgroove (Hassan Dahik), releases his new, and third single ‘Que Pasa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqa40ePUU40. For a while now, we have been dancing to the rhythm of his two previous singles ‘Amazing Life,’ and ‘Freestyle Fiesta,’ available on all streaming platforms. Hgroove lives in L.A., where his music can be heard at well-known venues such as The Mint, and The State Social House. His