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As we know, at work, a lot of us begin experiencing pain in the back, shoulders, or neck. Well, this is when you need to change the office furniture to ergonomic furniture. 

Office hours can be very stressful, at times. This might lead to severe pain in the body. The pain is obviously caused due to the unsupportive furniture that was used by us while working. However, after feeling the pain, it’s intricate to find the remedy for it as quickly as possible. Since ergonomic desk chairs benefit in relieving pain and stiffness, why not consider the same for the office space? As per the research, it has been found that amongst three out of ten people spend most of their workday sitting at the desks and on chairs that are completely uncomfortable, thus leading to a poor body posture. Since the entire day is spent sitting all the time, the poor position of the body leads to bad pain in the back and spine. As per trusted facts, around one-third of the money spent by people are on the compensation claims which are because of improper ergonomic protection. Also, according to the Journal of American Medical Association, costs of lower back and neck pain are $88 billion each year.

There is no doubt about the fact that a lot of money is spent on dealing with the pain that is easily preventable. Poor posture is not a health condition that affects an individual in just one day, rather it slowly builds up sensitivity in the body that can lead to severe pain in the near future. Sitting in the same posture for weeks and years can lead to the same. Even slouching on the desk and chair can turn into a serious spine injury.  There are many ways for preventing injuries and that can be swiftly done with the help of ergonomic desks and chairs. Ergonomic workstations are the best way of avoiding bad habits from turning into more serious health problems. 

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is referred to as an ‘applied science’ which is concerned with the arranging and designing of things that are used by people so that there can be swift interaction between the people and things in the most efficient manner, safely and securely.  This is not just a term, but a culture. For the development of an ergonomic culture, there is a requirement of planning and thinking. So, the ergonomic desk and chairs are definitely going to help you out in the workplace. 

Concept of Ergonomics

The Concept of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is not only essential for the health of the employee but for some organisations, it is a culture. As was mentioned above, one-third of the workers’ compensation contributes to poor ergonomics in office furniture. Along with this, indirect costs of poor economics might add up to 20 times higher than the direct injury. Not only this, but lousy ergonomics creates workers who are frustrated and fatigued. The workers do not work at their best whether it’s a physical or a mental task when the furniture is not good enough. Quality will always go up if the office furniture is ergonomic. It will also lead to greater employee engagement. If the company has made an effort to ensure the safety of the employees, this will make the employees comfortable and they will be able to work more with productivity. Plus the employee participation will also increase. Not only this, but the safety culture of the organisation will also improve when the office furniture is ergonomic. The ergonomic furniture engineers a healthy and safe environment in the workplace.

Principles of Office Ergonomics

With the passage of time, the number of workers who are suffering from numbness, tingling in the arms, neck pain, cervical, back pain, with other health problems have dramatically increased. This is because of the improper keyboard height, mouse location, desk tables, chairs, palm supports, keyboard positioning, and other things. Office furniture which is ergonomic plays a very important role when it comes to the health and productivity of the employees. Not only the desks and office chairs must be ergonomic but the keyboards must also be ergonomic. 

You need to follow the guidelines given below to maximize the potential of your ergonomic keyboard.

  • If you want maximum comfort, then you need to position the height of your ergonomic keyboard so that your arms are relaxing and elbows rest towards the sides. 
  • Always place your wrist in a neutral position. 
  • Don’t forget to use padded palm supports and a mouse pad that is properly positioned to minimise the stress on wrists and shoulders. 
  • Always evaluate your knees above the seat pan and place the feet firmly on the ground. Use the footrest, if required. If you are sitting in a locked position for a very long duration, you’ll experience stiffness and fatigue in your body. 
  • Always change the position of seating frequently. Whether it’s stretching or standing up on the seat, or any other activity which recharges your body it must be done to avoid fatigue and stress on the body

Let’s Understand The Importance Of Breaks During Work

Break laws are not just for the employees to take it easy while working, however, these are for the good health of the employees. Did you know that a micro-break can boost your productivity by up to 13%? For that 15 second break from the screen, every 10 minutes can reduce the fatigue by 5%? So, if you are one of those people who refused to take a break throughout the day while working because you don’t want to lose the productivity, it is time for you to take into consideration the break time along with the office ergonomic furniture


To sum up, you must understand that frequently changing the positions during the working hours will help you break the habit of a monotonous day. Always start your things slowly and be patient with the process. Standing and alternative sitting every two hours will help you a lot. It is very important to understand that ergonomics is not just a phrase to impress people. It is one of the best and proven methods to increase the health and well-being of the staff, improve your health, boost productivity and that will benefit everyone.

Happy Working!

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