Is It Safe To Do It Online?

You probably have a lot of questions about how to sell diabetic test strips. One of the main questions is to understand that it is safe participate in these online programs. The market for unused diabetic test strips has blown up recently and there seems to be new online companies everyday that are looking to get into the niche market.

However, none of these companies will ever survive or make money if they don’t provide a safe, secure, and efficient process for people to sell their unused boxes. Trust is necessary for returning customers. If these companies don’t have returning clients then they don’t have any supplies to sell. So, they need to make sure that the user experience is safe, secure, trusted, and efficient. It is the only way for everyone to win.

Just about any service online can provide you with anything you need to live your life. It is common practice now to allow more services online to a broader public. This means that people in rural or disconnected communities have access to more goods and better services without having to drive long distances.

Is Selling Diabetic Strips Legal?

Yes, selling unused diabetic test strips is perfectly legal under state and federal law as it is part of the second-hand medical supplies market. Having a second-hand market for medical supplies allows people to pay less for medical goods that they need. There is cost savings as compared to buying things at retail prices. There are a few considerations that you need to know and understand.

1. You can’t sell expired medical goods or items. This means that if your item has an expiration date you can’t sell it on the secondary market. Not all medical supplies have expiration dates. Check your products for an expiration date to be sure.

2. Most companies that are in the reseller market for unused diabetic test strips will only buy unopened and undamaged test strip boxes. They only want to provide a product that is completely safe to the general public. This means that you can’t sell a half used box of test strips. This also means that you shouldn’t remove any stickers from the box.

3. The most important restriction is that you can’t sell your unused boxes if you received them through either the Medicare or Medicaid program you are not allowed to profit off of the federal healthcare program.

How Do You Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?

There are three simple steps to fully taking advantage of the reseller programs for your unused test strips. They are simple to understand and employ. The companies want to be sure to make it easy so that you continue to provide them with boxes for sale. Just make sure that you are ready to sell the boxes because you won’t be getting them back.

1. Register online with the company. You will need to set up a profile. This will include shipping information and payment details, which will allow you to track all of your transactions.

2. Mail in your unopened and undamaged boxes. There may be drop-off locations or pick-up services. However, all companies will have mail-in options and possible free shipping as well.

3. The final step is to get paid. It is as simple as that. Once the company receives your boxes they will need to confirm the number of boxes and that each of the boxes is up to the quality necessary for resale. Once they have done this they will send you the money via the register online transfer company. The most common one used is PayPal.

What Are The Benefits To Selling My Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

There are many benefits to being part of the program. Participating in the program creates stock strips to sell at a discount to people who otherwise have a difficult time affording the retail price of strips at the pharmacy. Not everyone can easily afford the high cost of medical goods.

The other main benefit is that you get paid for de-cluttering you shelves and medical cabinets. All of those boxes take up space. There is no better motivation than being paid to clean out a closet.

Are There Any Bonuses Offered?

Companies like offer bonus cash each time you hit a certain level each transaction. Not all companies offer these bonus programs. So, it is best if you review each website carefully to determine what bonuses are offered and how to get them.

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