Australian Tea Companies

Many tea lovers find it hard to believe that tea is grown in Australia. Well, the fact is Australian Tea Companies are the hub of tea. The sellers and producers of tea in Australia guarantee to provide the best homegrown brew. The tea made by them has a unique character, freshness and taste.

The history of Australian tea companies is so wide that choosing one brand out of all seems difficult. Here are all the facts about the tea companies of Australia that you must know before drinking their tea.

The History Of Australian Tea

As per the research, the traditional owners of Australia had a love for tea. They liked drinking an infusion from the plant species. The time when Captain Cook, a British explorer, landed in Australia for the first time he noticed that the local people of Australia were drinking something named tea. The fact that Britain alrad had a longstanding tea culture, took these traditions to Australian shores. Alfred Bushell was the first one to start a tea shop in Australia. And this happened in the year 1883. After him, Cutten Brothers went ahead with the first commercial tea plantation. It was in 1899 when Bushell’s sons decided to move to Sydney and began selling tea over there commercially. Therefore this is how Australia’s first commercial tea seller was found and it was named as Bushell’s Company.

Soon after, James Inglis, a politician and tea merchant, introduced Ceylonese and Indian teas into Australian colonies. Though green teas and other chinese teas were also available during those days. But Ignis made sure his promotional driving forces kept his tea styles at the top. In the early 1950’s Australian tea companies began to thrive. 

Type of Tea Grown in Australia

There are several types of tea styles that can be seen in the Australian tea market. The tropical rainforest region of Australia is the natural heartland where the majority of tea is grown.

As the market established, people were more keen towards buying quality tea and made a purchase from a renowned label. It was then that the need for organic tea in Australia came into consideration. Various brands produced high quality natural tea and made sure it is healthy for the tea lovers.

Organic peppermint tea with an iconic packaging is closely associated with Australia and is loved by the people drinking tea regularly. It has the most delectable flavour of peppermint and is great for waking up the person menatlly.

Final Words

There are several brands and labels in Australia that sell tea. But it is essential for you to choose the best of all. This can be done if you consider the packaging, flavour, taste and overall performance of the brand in the market. If all of this falls in the right place, you must definitely consider buying that tea. To buy green tea online in Australia or any other tea you can simly research a bit and choose the best brand. 

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