things to do in Austin this weekend

Austin is a city that belongs to the south of the US and is one of the country’s most beloved cities. With a mix of wonderfulness and weirdness, Austin is a place that defies expectations. This iconic city has everything to offer to its visitors. From lovely food to an urban oasis, there are plenty of things to do in Austin this weekend.

Following are a few things to expect in this city on your trip, plan your trip accordingly. 

Live music shows

Happing live music shows is a lifestyle in Austin, where two of the country’s biggest music festivals take place. From well-loved venues like Emo’s and Subb’s to the local coffee shop, this place is home to an eclectic music scene that tributes a mix of different genres, styles, voices, and rhythms. So, when preparing a list of things to do in Austin this weekend, you must add attending some live music shows to your itinerary. Music is everywhere around you. All you have to do is find a comfortable bar or cafe and order a drink.

The scooter drive

People have rapidly picked up the scooter drive phenomenon in Austin, where public transportation options are very limited. Electric bikes and scooters will be allowed on park pathways as part of a new pilot program launched by the city. You’ll be grateful that all you have to do to obtain a ride is whip out your phone and open an app, especially if you’re caught in the heat of the midday sun. Roam around the city on the most convenient form of transportation and trust us, it is more fun than public transport. 

Heaven for foodies

Another amazing thing about Austin is that it is a heaven for foodies. Food in Austin is an opportunity to explore the range of communities present here, making it a vibrant cultural hub for foodies. From delectable Mexican to sushi, even the neighborhood restaurants of the city feature an extraordinary range of cuisines. Austin is also home to various chefs who have been nominated and even won James Beard Awards and who are known to have created innovative menus that seek to surprise the customer and definitely satisfy the urge to try something new. 

Expect wild weather

In Austin, there is a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” While this may sound too unrealistic for you, but honestly, it’s really not very different from the truth. From temperature dropping to 40-degree in one afternoon to sunny skies changing to hurricane conditions within the span of an hour, Austin has seen it all. When visiting here, prepare yourself for all types of conditions by packing suitable layers. You may require to wear a jacket in the morning and might be sitting in a tank top to enjoy the sunshine by noon. Uncertain weather is another thing you should be prepared for on your trip. 

These are a few things expected in Austin; now that you know, be prepared and plan accordingly. 

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