Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming refers to a process used by manufacturers, where a certain type of plastic, known as thermoplastic, is heated to high temperatures and then moulded in a 3D shape. The process is known as vacuum forming because a high pressure suction or vacuum is used to either pull or push the liquid, heated plastic into a mould to form such structure.

After cooling, the final product is taken out of the mould. A vacuum forming company manufactures bulk products for use in several types of industries, households.

Applications of Vacuum Forming Company Products

Typically, a vacuum forming company will create a low volume of vacuum formed products for a certain industry. These vacuum formed products can be used in place of sheet metals and other materials. Vacuum formed products are gaining more popularity in industries due to several benefits, especially that of being more economical and a better cosmetic option.

Vacuum Forming

Here Are Some of The Different Applications of Vacuum Formed Products:

  • ATM products
  • Construction
  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Medical or healthcare products
  • Different types of consumer products
  • Industrial products
  • Automotive products
  • Packing products
  • Construction products
  • Retail products
  • Utility vehicles
  • On road vehicles
  • Power sports such as snow mobiles, kayaks, etc.
  • Store fixtures
  • Roofs
  • Hoods
  • Bed liners
  • Skid plates

The Benefits of Using Vacuum Formed Products

Vacuum formed products allow manufacturers to build low volume manufacturing products which are extremely accurate and precise to a customer’s needs. A manufacturer can build a product to fit certain specifications, which is extremely useful for custom made products or need to be precisely attached to another product to form a bigger product.

An example of this can be iPod stands or covers for your iPod. By using vacuum forming techniques a manufacturer is able to produce a stand or a case which fits in perfectly with the iPod; without it being too loose or too tight of a fit.

Vacuum formed products are extremely cost effective. A high pressure technique is used on relatively low volume material to form an accurate product. A large quantity of products can be produced by a vacuum forming company using only one sheet of plastic, as compared to other methods of plastic moulding. Thus, this method is an extremely cost effective and economical one.

Vacuum formed products are the most flexible and versatile products that can be manufactured. A vacuum formed product can be shaped into almost any kind of specification according to the customers’ wants. This gives the manufacturer a great deal of flexibility to create a different kind of plastic products for different industries and households, simply by using the vacuum forming technique.

Vacuum formed products are also the preferred method of manufacturing different types of plastic products, as it is a time efficient and economical method. Vacuum forming is a fast, easy and convenient tool for creating a different kind of plastic products. Most of the process is automated, thus, the large number of products can be produced, using a small number of raw materials and in a shorter time period than the other methods of plastic molding.

A vacuum forming company employs this method of molding plastic to create items for different types of industries of different applications. By using some of the most modern tools of vacuum forming, the heated plastic can cool into a mold, after which it is trimmed down to form a perfect product which can be sold to the customers. This method of plastic forming is preferred by most manufacturers due to its ease of application and manufacturing.

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