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Undoubtedly, Android Smartphones are ruling the significant share of the market. Therefore, creating a game for this operating system is the fastest way to gain users. Furthermore, to successfully gain the numbers, promotion plays a key role. We’ve done exhaustive research and listed down effective Android Game Marketing Strategies in 2020:

Tips for Android Game Marketing Strategies

1.      Have a trailer Ready!

Teenagers and vicenarions cater to the larger proportion of mobile gamers. They are not really interested to read the vivid description of an interesting game or how to play. Instead, a visual promo will attract many eyes and convince them to download.

Just like a movie, your promo should be short, crisp, filled with thrilling parts and nerve wrecking adventures of the game. It’s essential to make the short video interesting. As it’s only a shot you’ve to win the debate – whether I should download it or not.

2.      Bring in the Experts – Promotion Platforms for Mobile Games

As a game developer, it’s not your forte in the marketing field. Therefore, it’s recommended to take advantage from a reliable digital marketing agency in Kolkata. An expert on board can provide you the right exposure to your game that’ll stand out from the crowd.

For the most part, you’ll be busy in making the UI of the game user-friendly, adding anti-lagging algorithms whereas the Marketing Agency will harness resources to offer the right target audience. The platforms can render help in boosting the ranks in Play Store. There are ever-ready users to download the game, play, and provide positive feedback to pump organic traffic.

3.      Build a Beta for trial

One of the most downloaded games – Tencent’s PUBG, they made an initial release in 2016 with a beta version. They gained worldwide fame and soon rolled out the stable version a year later. Therefore, it’s imperative to work on the Beta version and make the necessary changes before the global release.

Furthermore, it’s smart to provide the services with Beta to influencers, journalists, and testers. Whatever, changes and reviews are reported, edit and affix the required ones to cater better performances.

4.      Home Page on Web

The competition in the gaming space is too fierce. Therefore, don’t restrict only to mobile environments. For example, the home page of Call of Duty on the Web, it’s filled with guidelines, tactics, and smart hacks blogs for the users.

You can design the homepage with interesting tips, features, latest update news, and answers to FAQs. Make it an open forum for the users, so that it acts as an extension of customer support. While blogging the game, use keywords and LSI words so that the page pops up frequently as results.  Add a link to your game in the Play Store, so that it redirects to newcomers to the Play Store.

5.      Research on ASO

This is one of the best mobile marketing strategies to promote mobile games in the Play Store. App Store Optimization helps in improving ranks and visibility in Google Play. It’s essential to implement the right tactics. If you succeed, the benefits will be in exponential numbers. It’s easy for a novice to feel overwhelmed with the process. Therefore, recruit a trusted digital marketing agency to guide you.

The key metrics that can increase organic traffic is to input proper and concise game’s description, title, screenshots, promo, user’s experience, and ratings and reviews of the game. Just a note: design a friendly and eye-catchy logo

6.       Befriend Social Media!

Social media is the best way to gain followers! The news of a new game in the market spreads like a fire in Facebook. Millions of people mostly log into their game with Facebook ID. The reason – many folks are connected here, so they can play together.

Therefore, create an account here and promote your best. You can extend to Snapchat, Twitter, and other media where your targeted audiences gather around.

Additionally, this is the best platform to share the latest news on mod apk versions. For example, when shadow fight 2 mod apk was released, there were huge numbers of downloads from the third party side link. The mod version allowed enjoying the martial art game with unlimited money! You can equip different weapons and armors to save the world from chaos. The shadow fight 2 mod apk helped to defeat the opponent more passionately.

Nevertheless, the stable version – shadow fight 2 is available in the Play Store.

7.      Boost Game’s Reviews

There’re websites where mobile gamers visit to study and write reviews on the new and trending games. Submit your game to as many sites as you can. Irrespective of the kind of feedback, your game’s ranking will get maximum exposure and ranking will improve.

Android Game Marketing exposure doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to reach the zenith of success. Therefore, make constant amends to give the users better experiences while implementing effective strategies.

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