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Antonio Brown: Headache or Game Changer?

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Lost amidst all of the hoopla in the blockbuster Odell Beckham Jr. trade to the Cleveland Browns is the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders trading for perhaps the NFL’s premier wideout in Antonio Brown.

Brown, acquired for a third and fifth round pick from the Pittsburgh Steelers, have helped breath some new life in Raider Nation.

Paired with one of the NFL’s best young QB’s in Derek Carr–or someone else in Oakland?, Brown–along with newly signed free agent WR Tyrell Williams–gives Oakland a dynamic 1-2 punch at wide receiver.

Is Brown worth the drama and baggage though? Without question the best at his position–sorry Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins, but AB is simply on another level–Brown is six points waiting to happen any time he touches the ball.

Simple bubble screen? Slant. Vertical. Slu-go. Brown is a gridiron griller of opposing defenders, and does not discriminate on kicks and punt returns either.

Yes, there are his recent off the field issues in both Pittsburgh and his native Miami that come with him, but “Mr. Big Chest” is called that for a reason, because he BALLS when it counts.

Very few players can claim that they average almost 115.2 receptions over five seasons, 1,529 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns in NFL history. AB can.

Few can claim over 8.2 touchdowns over nine seasons, and 11.8 touchdowns over the last five seasons. AB can.

Few players have the ability to effect and change a game every time he catches the ball. AB can.

Agile, explosive, dynamic and all-around dangerous. Brown is one of the top ten players in all the NFL. His production and stats validate that and if there is another player that comes close to his type of dynamic game breaking ability, let me know.

One question that has to be eating att he back of the mind of Brown is will the forementioned Carr be throwing passes to him, or another QB such as perhaps Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock? Hopefully, Brown and his representation got assurances from Chuckie that DC will be the QB in the East Bay and In Vegas going forward.

Bottom line is that both Brown and Carr are part of the Silver and Black, and with Downtown Brown now in the fold, look out for the soon-to-be Vegas Raiders as they will be a formidable foe for any who play them in 2019 this coming season.

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