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Arrow: With The Prometheus Twist, Who Could Be Vigilante?


March 4, 2017

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If you have not watched this past weeks episode of the CW’s hit show Arrow, titled “Fighting Fire with Fire”, then I suggest you save this article for later. We will be delving into some serious SPOILERS in regards to the show, and in particular this season’s big bad, Prometheus. So this is your last chance to turn around and come back once you have watched the episode.

Still with us? Ok good. So obviously, the big reveal on the show surprisingly was dropped on right in the middle of the episode. Following a brief fight between Prometheus and Vigilante, in which Vigilante ended up going off the edge of a roof (and virtually disappeared), fans were hit with a bit of a twist. Prometheus unmasked, to reveal the face of District Attorney Adrian Chase, who is played by Josh SegarraTalk about a mid-episode surprise.


Now, most fans had long expected Chase to have a dark side. Up to this point, he has been one of Oliver’s go to officials while in the Mayor’s Office, having helped out Mayor Queen on multiple occasions. But there has always been something fishy about Star City’s DA. When news broke that Oliver was being called out for covering up the death of Detective Billy Malone, suspicion of Chase grew even more given the cover-up was his idea.

However, it was expected to be a lock that he would be the man under the mask of the baddie Vigilante. I mean, in the comics, Adrian Chase is Vigilante. So when both characters showed up on the small screen, the connection was immediately made. Even Segarra thought he would be playing the character before learning he would actually be taking on the Prometheus mantle.

So now that we know who is under the Prometheus hood, it begs the question, who the hell is Vigilante!?

Now I still have a sneaky suspicion that the character still connects to Chase in some way, shape or form. When I watched the scene when the two fighting on the rooftop arguing who would get to kill Oliver/Green Arrow, there was something there that seemed to indicate the two knew one another. I mean, why else would they be meeting on a rooftop?

My initial thought was Vigilante was actually another persona that Chase takes on. When our new Black Canary recovered the piece of Vigilante’s visor at the crime scene, Chase was acting very suspicious when he wanted it. It was almost as if he knew it could incriminate him. Granted, that could have been played off as misdirection on the show’s part, as they clearly want you to think he was the masked villain.

The other reason that made me believe Chase could have been donning both suits was the fight between the two characters on the roof. When Vigilante went over the side, he simply vanished. Could it be that that scene was actually taking place in Chase’s head? Could he have multiple personalities? I am not giving up on this theory completely just yet, however, there are some serious signs that point to Chase not being the man.

For starters, when Oliver was giving his press conference to blame the Green Arrow, Chase was present. At the same time, Vigilante was going at it with Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog. So even if Chase did have multiple personalities, he couldn’t be in multiple places at once.

That led me to my next theory. Maybe it is still Segarra is still the man under the mask, as the voice does sound like him, but not as Adrian. Maybe Adrian has a twin brother! It would allow for a Chase to still be taking on the character, which could help appease the fans who like the comics connection while still making it its own thing.

If it was not a chase taking on the mantle, who could it be? Captain Pike is certainly an option. Not only is he growing more and more suspicious of Oliver’s connection to the Green Arrow, but he simply is a guy who strikes fans as someone we cannot trust. He has been given enough spotlight to justify his role as a masked baddie when the reveal happens. There is definitely something going on with him, so it would not surprise me to see him revealed as Vigilante. I would have to go back and watch the episode to see if he was present during the press conference, however.

Outside of Pike, it is hard to find a character who could be playing the role. It would not make sense to be Roy, who fans hope makes a return sooner than later. Maybe it is Tommy, brought back thanks to Flashpoint,  as he was one of the contender’s for Prometheus. Or maybe it is Susan Williams. It is certainly a longshot, but I would not count it out completely.

Besides those characters, the only other connection I could see is someone from Russia. With Chase being revealed as Prometheus, things are wide open in terms of who is Vigilante. My gut tells me it will either be Segarra (as Chase’s twin) or Pike. But in all honest, it is anyones guess.

So what do you think? Who is under the Vigilante mask? Tell us in the comments!

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