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Business: The 4 Secrets to a Successful Construction Project


March 4, 2017

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By Michael Sedgwick

Launching a new venture is bound to be a little daunting, whether you are a rising entrepreneur or a seasoned professional. However, there are some actions you can take to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible, which is why we are offering some top tips to read for a successful construction project.

Communication is Key

It is essential every member of the team works towards the same goal, which will allow a company to achieve their objective at a much faster rate. For example, if you are working on the creation a new hotel, it is essential the hotel developer and construction team work in unison, such as securing a bid bond, to meet the project’s deadline. Sajan Hansji’s recent hotel project is a prime example.

When companies and departments work together in harmony, not only will this improve the quality of work, but it will boost employee morale, provide a more creative environment, increase productivity and ensure a business adheres to its health and safety requirements.

Define Goals

The last thing you will want is for a project to fall behind on schedule when it has only just started. Effective communication will only work if there are defined goals in place. Everyone must know exactly what is expected of them for a construction project to remain on track.

You must therefore define specific, measurable and achievable goals for employees and contractors to work towards, which will inspire and motivate a team. Review an individual’s strengths and weaknesses so you can set realistic objectives for each employee, because each worker will produce work at different standards and may perform at a different pace.

Build Trust

For a project to become a success, there must be a certain level of trust during construction. There must there be an open-door culture, which allows individuals to provide feedback, raise concerns or discuss potential issues. It is essential you build trust with everyone on site by displaying patience, understanding and flexibility, because this will boost morale, co-operation and productivity in the long-term.

Resolve Conflict

Conflict can often arise on a construction site. The electricians may blame the builders for a delay, or the plasterer could become frustrated that electrical work has not been completed on schedule so they can focus on their task. An architect might even be annoyed that his or her design has been altered from the initial concept. There are many reasons why there might be conflict on site.

Tensions can arise and arguments may happen, so it vital to resolve any conflicts as soon as possible; otherwise, a project could experience further delays due to walkouts, pressure and complaints. If certain individuals are causing problems on site, you must bring them together to come to a resolution, so you can improve the working life of the team and ensure a project meets its deadline.

There are bound to be some hiccups and issues along the way with a construction project, but by working together, setting goals and resolving conflict, you will feel prepared for any inevitable surprise.

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