Some of the most memorable vacation times are those spent with your closest friends. However, planning a vacation for a group of friends can be quite tricky. It is crucial to ensure you have planned your group getaway with extreme detail. The effort will definitely pay off in the end. Whether you are travelling to Canada to indulge in the incredibly breathtaking landscape or you are heading to sunny beaches, you should consider the following aspects of planning.

Car Rental

It will be best to opt for a car rental to enable you and your group of friends the most flexible travelling around your destination of choice. Even though you may assume public transport systems would be cheaper, this is likely not the case when travelling with a group of friends as you will be paying per person and not per trip.

You can find car rentals in Montreal for affordable prices and choose from a selection of vehicles. It is best to opt for a vehicle that will allow you and your friends’ maximum space. Therefore, you should consider how many friends will be travelling to select the most suitable vehicle.


You will have to search for affordable accommodation that won’t leave you and your friends feeling cramped and miserable during your stay. You may feel tempted to settle on the cheapest hotel or guest house, although this would be the fastest way to destroy the trip.

It is always recommended to book your hotel stay well in advance, along with flights to prevent potential upsets closer to the time. You should also consider aspects such as location when choosing accommodation as a hotel that is well-connected to points of interest is always best for convenient travels.

Discuss Budgets Beforehand

You will definitely need to discuss your friends budget restrictions before heading off on the trip as you will need to be sure you and your friends will all be able to afford their contributions. You should include budget amounts for meals and fuel costs. Discussing budgets beforehand will prevent potential disaster along the way.

Research The Destination

You and your friends probably all have varying ideas of the best vacation ideas, which is why you should discuss all the potential ideas in advance and settle on a destination together. Once you have determined the destination, you should conduct adequate research to determine relevant costs, average crime rate, and travel solutions. Researching will give you and your friends the best idea of what to expect during your stay. This effort will also shed light on fantastic reasons to visit certain budding tourist destinations.

Travel Light

When vacationing with a group of friends, it is always best to travel as light as possible and this should be discussed with your friends. Packing light will enable you and your friends to travel the destination in your rental car without much hassle. You will also find that elements of packing light will ensure you are best prepared with all your basic needs.

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