There’s nothing like exercising in water. This is why there’s an entire industry of waterproof fitness equipment.

Not all fitness gear is made to handle water, but gradually, more and more things are becoming waterproof, or at least water resistant. The electronic trackers and other items on this list are waterproof, because you shouldn’t have to worry about your fitness tracker breaking while you’re getting a good workout session in.

Below is a list of the best equipment for fitness swimming that you’ll find online. We’ll let you know what to wear and where to find it.

LEMFO Waterproof Smartband

Fitness trackers are useful for any exercise activity. Don’t miss out on tracking your fitness goals just because you’re underwater.

This sleek and stylish fitness tracker by LEMFO found on Amazon (codes here and here) looks good and tracks great. It comes in different colors, so match whatever goes with your swimsuit! Keep track of how long your laps are and what progress you’re making in the pool (or ocean!).

The technology behind the smartband is competitive. With an full HD color screen, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on among the water. It also offers a solid battery life and tracks distance, calories, sleep, and gives you reminders as well.

And of course, it comes with that pedometer everyone wants that’ll count your steps when you’re out of the water.

The waterproof piece of fitness equipment is not only awesome for swimming, but you can keep it on in the shower as well. Rinse off and don’t worry about wrecking your wristband.

Swim Parachute

Swimming is an amazing exercising choice. However, if you’re to a point where you find it easy, it’s time to take it to the next level.

You can increase the challenge of swimming by increasing your resistance in the water with a swim parachute. The Sporti Swim Parachute from SwimOutlet (promo codes here and here) will make it tougher to achieve those laps.

These parachutes work the same way as ones professional runners or football players use, just in the water. The additional resistance will make you work harder for better endurance. It comes with a adjustable nylon belt so you can adjust depending on how tight you need it strapped on.

Swim Paddles

Shaped by the contour of your hand, the Sporti Swim Paddles are useful for developing the right stroke and form during practice.


The paddles, also from SwimOutlet, are poked with small holes to lessen the resistance of the water so that you can get a good paddle going. Build muscle strength and learn proper form at the same time. The wrist can be customized for your individual shape.

Underwater Headphones

Why should you have to miss out on music while you’re exercising just because you prefer the H20 exercise life?

The answer to this is the HydroActive Waterproof Headphones from Underwater Audio (discounts here and here).

The product comes with multiple items that get put together into the perfect listening experience. Jam out to your favorite tunes without a worry.

Not only in this an inventive product, it makes the perfect gift for the swimmer in your life.

iPod Shuffle

In order to listen to music through your underwater headphones, you’ll need a device to listen to music from.

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle will let you play the music you love while you’re getting your sweat on in the pool.

It’s going to feel weird at first submerging your iPod in the pool. But you’re in the clear! This iPod has protection made specially to avoid water damage.

Underwater Audio waterproofed this genuine Apple iPod shuffle, so you’ll get quality audio with the guaranteed durability of a brand who knows how to waterproof. The good news is, these are available everywhere – not only the Apple store. We even found one at Walmart (codes here & here).

The waterproof iPod is tested to work at up to 210 feet, so you’ll obviously be good swimming in any pool. You can also use this as your everyday music player, even if you’re not in the pool.

Nike Swim Cap

If you need absolute water protection of your hair while you swim, you’ll need a swim cap that won’t let any moisture get in.

The Nike Swim Cap from Kohl’s (they have a 15% off promo code now) is a great choice because the brand is well-known and made well. Not only that, the product comes in an assortment of colors.

The solid latex swim cap fits most. The embossed edge will secure the fit, keeping your hair or scalp from wetness.

Take down the competition in the pool with the help of this solid latex swim cap from Nike.

Swim Belt

Learning how to balance in water is an achievement. It might seem easy, but a true swimmer knows the work it takes to maintain control over their body while in the water.

The Swim Belt by Speedo promotes stability while you’re working out. The support it gives lets you keep control of your movements.

It’s made out of foam, so it’s comfortable to wear. This belt is found at Zappos (promo codes here and here).

Water Gear Fan

The Water Gear Fan from Swim2000 (codes here, also here) is a wonderful choice because it takes little room in your bag. It’s not heavy nor is it large, so it makes the perfect companion for pool time.

You can decide how much resistance you want from the fan by adjusting the fan blades. This fitness equipment builds upper body strength, so that you can be a better swimmer!

Ankle Weights

Everyone knows ankle weights are great for working out above ground, but did you know they’re also ideal for swimming?

The CAP Barbell aquatic ankle weights from (they always have a ton of discounts here and here) will add that extra difficulty when moving around in the water. They also work on your wrist. Work upper body and lower body strength with one piece of fitness swimming equipment.

Easy to strap on and easy to take off, this product is a good item to throw in the swim bag.

Keep Swimming

We’ve listed the best equipment for fitness swimming and you can find all of these items online. Build your swim workout collection and grab these pieces one by one. It’s great to always keep challenging yourself!

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