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All You Need to Know Before Planning A Destination Bachelorette Party

“He finally popped the question, and I couldn’t say anything but, Yes!!!” We know what goes next on in our minds when one of our friend’s rushes to us in excitement to break this big news. After that phase of hysteria and curiosity of knowing all the details of engagement story, the planning of WHERE ARE WE GOING TO HAVE THE BACHELORETTE PARTY? If this is exactly what you were

5 Most Unusual Experiences You Can Only Get in Tokyo

I hear the word ‘vibrant’ and automatically find myself thinking about Tokyo. This is how the association of ideas work. For some people, words signify colors, while others link fragrances with certain letter combinations. I am a wanderer, and thereby, connect words with places. Tokyo is my go-to travel destination for days when I’m feeling bored of the grey workplace walls, the bland mashed potatoes, and the monotonous entertainment channels
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Entertainment: Why Triple Play Bundle Offers Should Be Your First Choice

Nowadays, when everyone is well-informed and aware of technology, it’s difficult to fool people and the only key to gain a loyal customer is by providing him convenience and reliable service. The convenience factor is really important for all the customers because of less differentiated products, convenience is the last resort to rely on a company’s strategy. When it comes to internet, TV and phone service, it’s really important for