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Marketing: 7 Things I Observed While Learning Facebook Ads

The Internet has revolutionized today's marketing completely. Nowadays if you have a great internet connection you have the whole world of opportunities in your bare hands. So get on Comcast internet to experience the best if the internet speeds. Xfinity TV and internet packages are offering the best of services and quality. Getting on to Facebook ads. I’ve always been interested in Facebook Ads for the last few years. I'm
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Movies: 10 Things About The Matrix You Never Knew!

The Matrix is an iconic movie that presented the world with ideas that were previously unimagined. I was sitting last night on my couch, and I wanted to shake all the stress off from the week’s hectic routine, and chose to re-watch this iconic movie. Thanks to my Xfinity internet and its reliability and high speed, I went through The Matrix in a single go. After watching the movie all