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Getting on to Facebook ads. I’ve always been interested in Facebook Ads for the last few years. I’m so obsessed with it because I’m convinced of the fact that Facebook is the most powerful tool of digital marketing right now. In my opinion the most effective one. Whether you spend $200 weekly or $2000 a day you can always reach out to your ideal target audience with the help of targeting criteria which no other network, platform, search engine or social network offers.

That is why I’ve observed Facebook ads with a very keen eye and learned a few things about it which most people don’t know or they think they know. This observation will surely help you to ignore a few mistakes we generally make.

1. The ad image should contain text less than 20%:

If there’s any reason for my ads denial then it is the fact that the ad image should contain text less than 20%. It is a very common mistake that people forget to check their text coverage on images of the sponsored ads.

Facebook is very selective about the text you put in your ads. So whether you’re doing organic promotion or running pure ads be careful how much text you put into your ads.

Facebook is providing a tool to check what percentage of text is in your ad.

Go onto the following link to check the text percentage in your ad.

2. Split the test your bid module into the CPC, CPM, and Engagement:

Facebook offers several ways to structure your bid model, which actually is the basis of how you’re billed.

For example, the photo above shows the bid-models for the sponsored ads. Every option offers a different pricing structure depending upon your targeted audience, campaign goal and the content of the ad.

In my opinion, there is no best single model for everyone. For example, if I want to increase my clicks I’d rather use CPM bidding to attain the goals because it will provide me lower CPC than the CPC bidding.

3. Targeting options are always changing and utilize both AND & OR operator:

Tons of Facebook Ad targeting options exist and that is what makes Facebook so powerful. But if you don’t have any experience with Facebook ads, the targeting option may not bring you your desired results.

The most common mistake people make with targeting is that if they choose two interests for their ads you will target the people that are interested in both of those interests. That is when OR & AND operations play a vital role. Facebook only allows you to target the users which are interested in TOPIC 1 or TOPIC 2 but not TOPIC 1 AND TOPIC 2.

4. Selecting a particular location isn’t necessarily mean the people who live there:

Suppose you want to target the people of New York for your campaign. You just type “New York City” in the location box and leave it with the default 25-mile radius. But here is something you’ll surely miss.

You will miss this following drop-down menu suggesting “Everyone in this location.”

This will allow you not to only target the current residents of New York but also the people visiting New York.

5. The third-party data for Facebook isn’t just what you think they know about you but it is a lot more:

If you shop for a new car online or ever given your income during a survey and have a tendency to buy fancy things online. There are several companies that collect this data and resell it to Facebook which they utilize to make their targeting more effective.

Most of the data we found under the category of behavioral targeting is of the third party sources.

6. There are four ways to access the Facebook ad management:

There are four major ways to access the facebook ad managers:

· Boost Post

· Facebook Ad manager

· Facebook Power Edit

· Facebook Advertising API & Facebook Ad Management tool

7. Prefer the mobile over desktop:

You’ll be surprised to know that 44% of people under the age of 35 only access Facebook from their mobile phones i.e. 30 days without any laptop usage.

So if you think that you spend your whole day in front of a laptop in other people also do so then you’re wrong my friend. The majority of Facebook users are on mobile apps and many of the desktop users may not click your ad.

So best case is that you have an insight into your targeted audience’s habits. You can use Audience insights tool can be used to gather the facts.

I hope this article saves you from making mistakes in your ads. And help you achieve your targeted goals.

Author Bio: Robert James is an MIS with a vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He also write on Comcast Internet Deals Packages. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets

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