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Bird Box: How Netflix Harnesses Its Memeing-ful Relationship with Fans

You’ve probably heard of the successful movie Bird Box that Netflix released recently. Using a new social media strategy, Netflix generated 45 million views within a week alone. There were no trailers, no billboard posters and no television previews. Yet, Bird Box was everywhere. You couldn’t log into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram without seeing at least one post about the movie or a blindfolded Sandra Bullock meme. Clearly, Netflix’s approach
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La Femme: 8 Techniques To Feel Sexy All Day Long!

Who wants to live the day drained and feeling unapproachable? Nobody. Unfortunately, for some of us, that is our everyday lives. But it is about to change. Yes, you need to look sexy to feel sexy, but you can also feel attractive by raising positive vibrations within yourself. Sounds complex, but in reality, all it takes is a change in lifestyle. So, are you ready for this? Follow these techniques